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Munster (Original Mix)

As you all may know, Hardwell is the “new kid on the block and he is here to stay.” Since his bootleg “Show Me Love vs. Be,” which was released in 2010, Hardwell has shown nothing less than exceptional production skills and DJing abilities. His tracks kill it. His remixing abilities are incredible and his collaborations with artists such as Chuckie and Tiesto demonstrate his ability to incorporate different types of music into his own. Munster takes a while to get crazy but once it hits 2:00 the song is banging. Check it out. I’ve also included one of my favorite bootlegs that includes one of Hardwell’s tracks mixed with Avicii’s Fade Into Darkness. Once DJs start hearing about this mix and mixing it into their sets, crowds will start raging like never before.

Munster (Preview)

Download Link: Munster (Original Mix)

Fade Into Darkness (JD Live Louder Bootleg)

Download Link: Fade Into Darkness (JD Live Louder Bootleg)

And as a bonus track I have provided you with my take on David Guetta’s Without You track. It’s called Falling Apart and in collaboration with Five Cow Productions, we have put our own spin on this popular song. This is our first time experimenting with this genre of music, but we are confident that we were very effective in the song’s production. It’s dirty dirty. Check it out!

Download Link: Falling Apart (Prod. Five Cow)

- Sammy Z