Before I start, I’d like to apologize for my lack of posts as of late, as you all probably know, things have been pretty hectic in New York, and the rest of the east coast for that matter. For those of you who’ve been affected in any way by Sandy, myself and the team here at Bleedhouse send our condolences. Speaking of storms, Spencer & Hill, otherwise known by some as “S&H Project” were powerfully gusting through the EDM scene as one of the most powerful duos when all of a sudden they dropped off and lost momentum. The duo consists of two German born DJ/Producer’s, Peter Spencer and Josh Hill. While many of their tracks definitely brought an interesting twist on electronic music, the duo never reached its full potential. Either way, here are two classics from the boys of S & H. Enjoy.

Funk Parliament (Original Mix)- Spencer & Hill

Tresspasser (Dub Mix)- Spencer & Hill


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