Recently we’ve been getting more and more requests to post trap, which is a nice change of pace from the common 120 bpm progressive tracks we’re so used to. So heres a little bit of a change up… This trap remix completely redefines this whole track and is quite the improvement in my opinion. It’s interesting seeing a popular house track like this be completely remodeled to be played as another genre, and it’s something we are seeing more and more often. Enjoy

Dada Life – Feed The Dada (Bring The Noise FEED THE TRAP Remix)

One Love 


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Yarden Sivan
CEO / Senior Editor

At a young age I discovered my interest in music business through distributing songs amongst friends and family, as well as constantly scouring the internet for new audio material. This part-time hobby spurred my desire to become involved in the music industry, in-turn leading to the creation of BleedHouse.com. Through the emergence in popularity of Bleed House, I was able to make long-lasting connections in the electronic dance music community that allowed me to further my involvement in the industry. After working for and alongside multiple publications, event curators and artist representatives I have grown familiar with the practices of the business, expanded my range of musical appreciation and developed an understanding for the artistry behind the music.

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