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SOL REPUBLIC Deadmau5 Tracks HD Headphones [Contest]

 In honor of us surpassing the 10k like mark on our Facebook Page, we were given an amazing opportunity thanks to our friends over at SOL Republic to let one lucky winner receive a brand new pair of custom HD Deadmau5 headphones exclusively from SOL. All you have to do is enter below and a winner will be chosen by this Sunday! If you would like to know more about the headphones, stay tuned for our up coming review as we had a chance to have a listen to a pair as well. These go for about $150 retail so you are surely getting a perfect holiday gift. Second place winners will receive some free BleedHoue tank tops, stickers, tickets and more. Good Luck!



  • NeedsNewHeadphones


  • araf

    City in Florida

  • Eric

    Ghost N Stuff

  • Shreyansh Jain

    Alone with you

  • Michael Parowski

    there might be coffee

  • Justin F

    Not Exactly

  • Anthony Belcastro

    I Remember by far

  • Santiago Roa

    there might be coffee

  • James Snibson

    Ghosts n Stuff

  • Cody O’Brien

    Bored Of Canada

  • Dejan Spasojevic


  • Mikey Tapscott

    aural psynapse

  • Jose Ybarra III

    Strobe would have to be my favorite deadmau5 song! Beautiful melody then hits you with that trademark drums!

  • Dave

    one trick pony

  • Antonio Fernández ♚

    professional griefers

  • Craig Borduin

    the reward is cheese

  • Scott

    Raise your Weapon

  • Scott Dripchak

    Animal Rights

  • Clyde

    The Veldt :D

  • Omar Tarek Hammouda

    Limit break m/

  • J.J.

    Bad Selection

  • Rj

    Channel 42

  • AR

    Professional Greifers

  • Dan DeMeco

    Raise you weapon

  • Alex Covert


  • Nicholas Gouw


  • Nick :)

    Sofi Needs A Ladder

  • EV


  • PapaT

    Vanishing Point

  • Paulo Ruberto


  • NICK

    sofi needs a ladder

  • Luke

    Strobe. =] Definitely Strobe

  • Nick Boskovich

    Mr G

  • stagefright

    I remember

  • Ruben Almeida


  • Max King

    professional griefers

  • Nrh

    I would say either strobe or Move For First Aid (Feat. Kaskade)

  • Rob Oda

    I think his best songs were the collabs with Wolfgang Gartner

  • A.Pareja

    Alone With You

  • Crusader_xx

    One of his best songs is Channel 42

  • Crusader_xx

    One of his best songs is Channel 42 feat Wolfgang Gartner

  • Sarah


  • sammy gumer

    i like channel 42

  • Black

    Strobe or Raise Your Weapon

  • Taylor Gowen

    Where’s My Keys or The Live Version of Strobe

  • Puyan Moslehi

    Strobe. No doubt.

  • C Wrex

    The Veldt, Hey Baby, and Strobe! :D

  • Ayaan H

    Raise Your Weapons! DUH!

  • Felix

    Strobe of course ;)

  • Bren Miranda

    The Veldt is a definite change of DM style, which I like.

  • Pedro Vieira

    Ghosts n stuff!

  • Shirley Carmili


  • roman


  • sam


  • Philip

    Seriously it is strobe

  • Saul Melchor

    8 Bit from the Get Scraped album :)

  • Keith

    Faxing Berlin

  • Brandon

    sofi needs a ladder!!!

  • Giuliano


  • Jacques Chevrant-Breton

    The Veldt

  • Karl

    the veldt or strobe :)

  • Rodrigo