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Daft Punk leaves EMI for Sony’s Columbia Records [News]


The infamous duo hailing from France known none other than Daft Punk is back in action! According to  Le Parisien, the two dance music legends have decided to leave Virgin / EMI (whom they have released their past three albums with) and will be making the move to Sony’s Columbia Records for the eventual release of their fourth album which will according to sources be out in 2013. Columbia Records has really established themselves as a dance music empire coming off of signing Depeche Mode as well last week.

I wouldn’t be banking on a Spring release date for Daft Punk’s 4th album but now we know for sure that production is underway and things are starting to come together and fans couldn’t be more excited as we have been dreaming for some new material from the duo. In the meantime, enjoy this throwback essential mix as we anticipate a massive upcoming year for Daft Punk.



  • Henrry Reyes Robleto

    whats is the name of the song in the minute 33-30?