Breaking Your Fall_dBerrie Remix

NYC’s very own David Berrie delivers a remix to the young Danny Avila’s “Breaking Your Fall.” This hard hitting electro production just goes to show that DJ’ing isn’t the mans only skill. His latest remixes and originals have been a key factor in raising Berrie’s popularity all over the world as he just had a recent stint in London over at the Ministry Of Sound and a great deal of support from stars such as Fedde Le Grand and David Guetta. Grab this tune now on BeatPort via Big Beat Records.


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Jon Kamali
Founder / Editor-in-chief

Born and raised in NY, my love for music came naturally. I am currently a student and work part time as an associate for a commercial realty investment firm. Wether it be house, hip-hop, rock or alternative, I have always appreciated all genres/facets of music production and mixing. I started BleedHouse in the summer of 2011 after thinking there was a serious lack of dance music outlets in the industry. Ever since, we have grown to become a household name for all music lovers alike and I hope we can continue to lighten up every viewers day with some quality beats.

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