This past weekend, I was lucky enough to catch Dillon Francis perform at his “favorite venue” in NYC at Webster Hall. Dillon and his fans had a blast the last time he checked in, so it wasn’t hard to anticipate another wild night at Webster for the king of Moombah. A majority of the knowledgable fans in attendance made sure to arrive early as miami based production duo known as GTA was set to open. You can expect to hear way more tunes from Dillon as he will be spending the next 2 months in the studio working on his new album.


GTA” is a duo consisting of Matthew Van Toth (Van Toth) and Julio Mejia (JWLS). While Van Toth brings the techno aspect to the duo’s productions, JWLS has the hip hop/trap influence on their tracks. These two put together have really been putting out some heavy hitters and are two artists that are expected to have a huge 2013. Right away, GTA put the crowd to work. Delivering fierce moombah and trap tunes one after another. Peep this latest remix by the duo to Sean Paul and Congorocks “Bless Di Nation.”

Finally, after a really great opening performance put on by GTA, the crowd was in the perfect mood for the start of Dillon’s set. I had assumed that the opener would be something along the lines of Bootleg Fireworks or maybe his new Trap remix to Dada Life’s “So Young So High.” Instead, to everyone’s delight, we heard the phrase “Popped a Molly, I’m Sweatin, WOO!” From that moment on, the tunes kept coming and the crowd wouldn’t slow down. This was one of the fastest paced shows I have ever experienced as both the crowd and DJ’s were in an upbeat tempo throughout. Dillon went on to kill it with original beats like “IDGAFOS” and “Westside” and some more funky tunes like will Spark’s “Ah Yeah!”

Dillon even showed us his baby side as the crowd gave his mother a massive happy birthday wish on stage. Earlier in his set, Dillon played Bootleg Fireworks so I was surprised to hear hit late again. Then I remember something about Dillon tweeting “Bootleg Fireworks 2.0.” And there it was. An even crazier trap bootleg to Bootleg Fireworks. More info on this one as it comes out but boy are we ready! In conclusion, both Dillon and GTA put on a show for us Saturday night and I am sure he matched that performance the night after. With another album in the works and no signs of slowing down, all signs point to another massive year for Dillon Francis.


Photo Credit: Thecultureofme.com


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