As we all know superstar DJ/Producer Tiesto loves making his own adjustments to songs of all genres and styles. The dutch musical genius has experience fine tuning and adjusted from Kanye West’s “Lost In The World” all the way to Coldplay’s “Paradise” and everything in between, so his latest remix comes as no surprise to his fans. This remix of Passion Pit’s “Carried Away” is a lot more simple than his typical remixes, a mellow progressive single that really accentuates  the vocals of the original track. 

Passion Pit – Carried Away (Tiesto Remix)

One Love


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Yarden Sivan
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At a young age I discovered my interest in music business through distributing songs amongst friends and family, as well as constantly scouring the internet for new audio material. This part-time hobby spurred my desire to become involved in the music industry, in-turn leading to the creation of BleedHouse.com. Through the emergence in popularity of Bleed House, I was able to make long-lasting connections in the electronic dance music community that allowed me to further my involvement in the industry. After working for and alongside multiple publications, event curators and artist representatives I have grown familiar with the practices of the business, expanded my range of musical appreciation and developed an understanding for the artistry behind the music.

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