72391_139975012828648_1786170924_nAfter having their grand opening only a week and a half ago, Marquee has already successfully established its return in the New York nightlife scene. It’s only been open for a short amount of time and their turntables have already seen the likes of DJ Vice, Dubfire, Chuckie, Sharam, and are scheduled to host Gareth Emery and more! It looks like most of the newer venues in NYC are putting their focus on the music and production aspect of nightlife and it definitely seems to be working.


For those of you who haven’t been to Marquee before the renovation, it’s hard to get an understanding of just how much of an upgrade this place just went through. Though it was previously a solid venue, they really outdid themselves with the new look. The layout stayed exactly the same; two bars downstairs, and two staircases leading up to the mezzanine, where you could find a third bar. But what used to be a small DJ booth is now sound check. The new DJ booth is massive and illuminated by LED lights from floor to ceiling and surrounded by small mezzanine stages for Marquee’s gorgeous dancers. Every table in the club is facing this main attraction, where all the magic happens. Crystalline chandeliers hang from the ceiling and colorful lasers light up the room. If you don’t believe me, check out this new introductory video highlighting the Marquee’s “glamorous renovations, state-of-the-art technology, and its music programming.” The overall atmosphere really engages the club goers and we couldn’t be more excited for the rebirth of Marquee.

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Sharam is an Iranian-American DJ and producer who has been in the electronic dance music scene for years. Formerly a member of Deep Dish, Sharam began his solo career in 2006 and broke out with his hit “Party All The Time.” Back in those days, we used to party on 27th street’s “Club Row” at places like Guesthouse and Marquee, where songs by Deep Dish and Sharam were a staple of the scene.Needless to say, we were feeling quite nostalgic and excited when we heard that Marquee had booked Sharam for the gig.


We had arrived around 1am, and to my surprise, Sharam was already on the decks. A majority of his set was filled with minimal, and a few unreleased tracks that I couldn’t ID, but sounded familiar from previous sets particularly from his latest at the BPM Fest (full set below). Thankfully Sharam took the time to TWEET every title of the tracks he dropped. He spun a really nice minimal remix of his classic hit “Party All The Time,” which was a real crowd pleaser. Also a big fan of Nicole Moudaber’s remix to Sharam’s “Que Cubano.” Personally not a big follower of minimal, and deep house so I was kind of holding out hoping he would play a few of his oldies and/or vocal hits. Around 3am the main room starting to clear out a little, but the VIP mezzanine was still going hard. You could tell that knowledgable Sharam fans were having a ball. His mellow like set left us satisfied, but wanting more. Hopefully he will be back in NYC soon to deliver!


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