Skrillex-Leaving-FeatureSonny Moore, A.K.A Skrillex, has been making enormous & spontaneous moves in the EDM industry this past year in order to better his musical output, personal career and diversify his productions which all musical enthusiasts can respect. Touring the globe, partnering up with artist, Boys Noize to create the duo known as “Dog Blood”, putting together unforgettable original tracks and EP’s and now the creation of “The Nest”. An online insider group run, and created by OWSLA which allows for more direct access to it’s artists music. Needless to say the man is a musical genius and his uniqueness and musical talent have done the EDM industry well, and are receiving adequate praise. According to Sonny this latest EP, “Leaving” reflects how he has been feeling as of recently and is clearly way more deep and emotional than previous works. Skrill also included the following statement with the release of the EP, where he speaks about “The Nest” and the tracks on the EP, enjoy and let us know what you think!

The Reason – Skrillex

Scary Bolly Dub – Skrillex

Leaving – Skrillex

“hello everybody

first of all, i want to thank you so much for supporting the Nest. this is not about changing the music industry now, it’s about supporting great and forward thinking tools like to connect us on a more personal level. the fact that we have a direct way to give you guys content without any of the red tape that the normal distribution mediums have makes it really easy fun for us and gives us a new platform to be creative and spontaneous. we hope you know that we put a great effort into providing awesome stuff straight to you.

Here are some songs that i put together for an ep that came together last minute. scary bolly dub is a song I’ve been playing in my sets for a while. I use it more as a dj tool, but I wanted you guys to have it.

The reason and Leaving came together last minute. I made Leaving in my hotel room in mexico and just finished the Reason an hour ago in my hotel room in miami. I guess it’s just kind of a reflection of how I’m feeling right now. Hope you guys enjoy these quality wavs.


sonny moore”

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One Love



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