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Zedd @ FINALE NYC 1.17.13 [Review]

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As soon as word got out that Zedd would be in NYC’s newest nightlife venue FINALE, I obviously jumped at the chance to him at the Lower East Side latest hot spot this past Thursday, January 17th. Zedd has been on a roll lately having just released his latest album “Clarity” a few months back, and just debuted his new music video last week for the track “Clarity” featuring Foxes. It has been quite a year for Anton as he continues to rise in the ranks of producing and a debut at FINALE spells a big 2013 for Zedd.

The room was already completely full when he took the decks around 1:30 am and opened with his smash hit, “Spectrum.” His set was equipped with what I found to be some personal highs and lows, much like the crowd. The fact that tickets were sold showed a clear musical preference for the crowd, and it seemed like Zedd had matched that level of diversity in his set. After opening with his hit single, he transitioned into Axwell’s mix of “In My Mind” which was as disappointing as you can imagine. He then made a quick save by throwing it back and playing one of my personal favorites in his remix of Skrillex “Breakin’ A Sweat.” Soon after he transitioned “Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker” into Sandro Silva’s “Epic” and it was epically unoriginal.

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The overall genre of his set was hard to identify and that had its positives and negatives. He transitioned “Shave It Up” into Reel 2 Real’s “I Like to Move it.” Yes, from 1994. Fortunately after a confusing start his set started to look up after the crowd was re-energized by “Clarity.” Things got even crazier when he transitioned two of my favorites, “Sweet Disposition” into “Midnight City.”

Things were starting to get a little too hip hop for me when he dropped Jay Z’s “Forever Young,” and then transitioned into “Ladi Dadi.” Unfortunately, Zedd did not live up to my grand expectations. Although he is one of the most creative up and coming producers in the game, his set seemed a dated and I was a bit let down. However, anyone who attended the performance this past Thursday will tell you straight up how amazing of a night it was. FINALE is here to stay with great production quality and a truly talented lineup each weekend. Hope Zedd is back in NYC soon!

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