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Archive for February 6, 2013

Shazam partners up with Beatport, adds 1.5m new tracks to its catalog [News]


One of the world’s most beloved apps, Shazam, has just recently joined forces with Beatport to solidify the world of identifying EDM songs. Shazam is inheriting every song on Beatport and the catalog is only increasing. The question “What song is that DJ playing?” will soon be extinct with the collaboration of these major companies. Shazam added over 1.5 million  songs which adds to their database of 25 million. No longer will we have to dig deep and search for our favorite tracks, and the addition of these tracks is drastically valuable because 31 out of the top 100 songs that were tagged with Shazam were EDM songs, and this number will only increase. Look out for more smartphones in the air at your favorite club or festival and be sure to download the new Shazam app via iTunes!

via New York Times

-Du schwa

Firebeatz – Ahw Yeah (Original Mix) [Preview]

Payrate and Payday

It’s that time again for the scorching Dutch duo to release another big track on a journey that has been filled with bomb after bomb. Firebeatz has lately put out tunes, such as “Dear New York” and “Disque”, that make your body want to go crazy, while the bass melts your mind. “Ahw Yeah” is no different, and will only elevate these Holland natives to the next level.  Upcoming in the second half of February will be their Australia tour (7 stops in 10 days), and I’m sure the Aussies are stoked to hear this banger live.

Ahw Yeah (Original Mix) – Firebeatz