The newly revamped Marquee NY has already established itself as one of the go to venues on Wednesday nights and the weekend. Tomorrow night they will be graced with the likes of Tiesto and a few weeks back I was lucky enough to catch the superstar Frenchman known as David Guetta. David has always been that DJ that a majority of fans here in the U.S. will consider a mainstream pop like figure. Although you can’t deny that many of his sets include the likes of common EDM anthems, one must u understand that this is what David Guetta does best. His fans adore him for it and are always raging despite the constant stating that he is a sellout by most house music snobs. As long as EDM pours into the mainstream like it did this past year, David’s popularity will continue to rise around the world and he should be given credit for how he markets his vision for EDM.


We arrived to Marquee around 11:30 with the beats bumping and the ever so gorgeous DJ Bambi already in the booth. She quickly got the crowd going with some acidic tunes like  Nicky Romero’s “Generation 303.” At 12:15, out came the seductive Marquee dancers displayed on a stage above the DJ booth, only adding to the enamoring atmosphere of the club as Bambi started to break the place down with filthy, big-room beats. She continued to let the bass fly while the dance floor filled up in anticipation for the main act. At 1:30. Bambi blew the crowd a goodbye kiss, and the booth was left empty waiting for the start of David Guetta. As usual, Guetta had an immense build up to his grand entrance. The energy was electric from the beginning while people waited for the first track to drop which was “Titanium (Alesso Remix)”, one of, if not the most, popular tunes of 2012.  From one giant hit to the next, his second choice was his hit tune with Sia, “She Wolf.” Guetta mixed it up early playing an interesting non-Aoki remix to KiD CuDi’s “Pursuit of Happiness”, then making the crowd get weird to Chuckie’s “Make Some Noise.” A couple of tracks later, and on comes the overplayed “Quasar” combined with the lyrics of “Sexy Bitch.” Mainstream? Sure, but this is what David and his fans enjoy the most.

Around the one hour mark of his set, Guetta mixed a mashup to two of his own tracks: “Love Is Gone” and “Little Bad Girl.” I immediately had a flashback to the first time I heard this exact mix when I saw him in Albany, NY as part of the Winter White Tour, and the crowd had the same gratifying reaction again. In his next couple tunes he showed SHM some love playing the lyrics of “Save The World” with his excellent collaboration with Nicky Romero, “Metropolis,” followed by another SHM anthem in “Don’t You Worry Child.”As expected, David went on to play most of his world renown hits, such as “Just One Last Time,” “Wild Ones,” and “Turn Me On.”


Around 3AM, and the place was still pretty packed as Guetta whips out his famous “One Love,” followed by Afrojack’s “Rock The House.” In the last 30 minutes of his set, Guetta played the tremendous “Atom,” by Nari and Milani, which he mixed with Mark Knight’s famous remix of “You’ve Got the Love”; perhaps my favorite moment of the night. Of course, this would not be a David Guetta set until he played “Memories (2010 Remix)” and  signature finisher “Without You”. His encore song was old school hit “Wonderwall”, thus completing a two and a half hour set at 4AM that left everyone wanting more. Bambi came back into the booth and while the dancefloor heavily cleared out, there was still a small group of people still going, and I could not help but stay for one last dose of Bambi who picked up right where she left off with some heavy bass.

Overall, the new Marquee is the type of venue NYC has needed for a while now; two levels, fantastic sound system (Funktion1), and big time talent. The lights, dancers, and beautiful clubgoers simply make this the hottest and best club in New York right now. While there was a handful of the usual snobs and businessmen “too cool” to dance, the crowd was vibrant. Whether 22 or 32 years old, fans brought the energy and effort to make it an incredible night. In terms of the performances, Bambi brought her “A game” and stuck to her style of what she calls “dirty beats”,  while playing plenty of uncommon tracks and keeping the crowd wanting more and more. Lastly, Guetta displayed his interactive lights, and is starting to get more creative with his track lists for sets. When a DJ spins a club he always changes up his style, and comparing this show to the two previous times I saw him, this set was much more diverse. I am still looking for a “Guetta set” that really shocks me, as there was a lot of predictability.



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Born and raised in NYC. Favorite genres include deep house, electro, trance, and trap. Always open to different music and newer artists, but I do play favorites to certain DJs, such as Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Axwell, Diplo, and Kaskade. Electronic dance music is a passion of mine, and something I will always be involved in one way or another. It's not just sounds, it's a movement.

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