urlFrench House music producer Vincent Belorgey a.k.a Kavinsky creates an extremely unique strand of house music. His style is comparable to techno and electro-pop in the 80’s and is unmatched in this day and age. His music has caught the ears of many other EDM artists such as german house producer Boys Noize, who recently remixed his track “Protovision”. This album contains a whole slew of different sounds and styles and is an absolute masterpiece. Some tracks to look out for on the album “Odd Look”, “Rampage” and a noteworthy track laced with rap lyrics entitled “Suburbia”.

One Love


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Yarden Sivan
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At a young age I discovered my interest in music business through distributing songs amongst friends and family, as well as constantly scouring the internet for new audio material. This part-time hobby spurred my desire to become involved in the music industry, in-turn leading to the creation of BleedHouse.com. Through the emergence in popularity of Bleed House, I was able to make long-lasting connections in the electronic dance music community that allowed me to further my involvement in the industry. After working for and alongside multiple publications, event curators and artist representatives I have grown familiar with the practices of the business, expanded my range of musical appreciation and developed an understanding for the artistry behind the music.

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