Founded in the summer of 2011, Jon and Yarden present BleedHouse.

Here at we invest our time in finding, promoting and reviewing new music our fans will love on a day-to-day basis. We support talented producers and DJ’s who put so much time and effort into their projects, and deserve public acclaim for their work. We strongly believe in and appreciate house and electro music and it’s future, which is why we created this blog in the first place.

The thing people love about BH is that not only do we make posts on the biggest and most featured DJ’s out there, but we show some love to the little guy – the producers who are just starting out and want a chance to make it in this tough industry. If you make an awesome track, we will post it. Feel free to share your music and we can guarantee you more publicity.

We are currently looking for new authors, videographers, photographers, designers, ambassadors, promoters and more to join the Bleedhouse family.  If you believe that you would be perfect for the job, please email us at (or visit our contact page) with your intended interest and we will get back to you in a short period of time.