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Martin Garrix – Animals (Oliver Heldens Remix) [Release]


It was only a matter of time before ‘Animals’ went deep. The tune that has taken over virtually every radio station around the world can now be looked at in an even newer light. Oliver Heldens takes on the job of sending this mainstream hit into the deep end, and we are blown away by his efforts. Making use of old school house sounds and tech beats, Heldens does a fantastic job on bringing some new energy into this remix. Getting sick and tired of hearing the same old ‘Animals’ like us? Throw this version on at your next party, and you’ll WOW everyone in attendance. Released via SPRS, this track is now available for purchase on Beatport.

Animals (Oliver Heldens Remix) - Martin Garrix


SOL Republic x Motorola’s ‘Deck’ Bluetooth Speaker [Review + Giveaway]


SOL Republic and Motorola have teamed up to deliver another quality product in their new Bluetooth enabled wireless ‘Deck’ speaker. This bad boy has been supplying my apartment with beats for a week now and I am officially hooked. From their new master tracks all the way to the Deck speaker, SOL Republic has lived up to the hype with another superb product that is bound to gain interest from fans of all genres. 

The Deck promises a 150 foot maximum range but its really more like 80 ft. The battery life is stellar (10 hours) but I’ve seen much better from other wireless Bluetooth enabled speakers. With both an indoor and outdoor mode, the Deck is ideal for the beach or any room as the volume gets the job done. Admittedly, at $199.99 its pricey tag will turn a good amount of people off but the Deck is not your average speaker. One of my favorite features on this speaker is the “Heist” mode. This enables up to 5 smart phones to connect at once and gives you and your friends the freedom to face off in a mini DJ battle. Got better music than your boy? Prove it with this fun new “Heist” feature. You can use your Deck to speak on the phone or to change a track without having to even touch your music player. This revolutionary speaker should be the base of what similar manufacturers strive to create. A sleek looking hand sized wireless speaker that simply is a must have for all who appreciate music as much as we do.  


Thanks to our friends over at SOL Republic, we are holding a contest to raffle off one of these bad boys to a lucky BleedHouse fan. You can enter below and gain additional entries by following the steps. I am a lucky owner of a DECK from Motorola and SOL Republic and I assure you this product is worth every minute! Rules subject to change and a random winner will be selected this Friday November 8th at 4:00 PM EST. You can check your email or this post itself to see if you have been chosen. Good luck! CONTEST CLOSED WINNER: MATT MAGER (Check E-mail for details)

Gesaffelstein – Aleph [Album Release]


Mike Levy A.K.A. Gesaffelstein has been working on his debut album for quite sometime now, and it is finally complete. The 14 track album is jam-packed with banger after banger of Mike’s signature hard hitting techno. The dark prince went completely solo on Aleph, which is a major change up from his recent work on Kanye West’s Album ‘Yeezus’. Where the native frenchman worked with artists Brodinski, Kanye and Daft Punk on multiple tunes. Focusing on a relatively new medium of distribution, Gesaffelstein has been able to keep his fans happy by preserving his signature style and not conforming to the mainstream. Techno and all electronic music fans rejoice, and make sure to purchase Gesa’s “Aleph”. 

Gesaffelstein – Aleph (iTunes)

One Love 


Armin Van Buuren Introduces Official “A State Of Trance” Spotify App [News]


This past week, the “god of trance” otherwise known as Armin Van Buuren launched his official “A State of Trance” Spotify app. In doing so, Armin promises the millions of trance fans all around the world access to his acclaimed weekly radio show, releases from his record labels (Armada and Armind), and live streams of the biggest worldwide events. The #1 DJ in the world already has almost half a million followers on Spotify, and the release of the app will most definitely enlarge his following.

Armin Van Buuren has done an astonishing job building the “A State of Trance” brand into one of the most recognized terms in all of EDM. Van Buuren’s weekly radio show is listened to by about 25 million people each and every week and he just recently celebrated the 12th year of the show with an immense “A State of Trance 600″ tour in which Armin brought other massive trance artists to perform alongside him in about 10 different countries, only performing at the biggest venues and festivals. Armin also began his “State of Trance Expedition” Ibiza residency just 2 weeks ago at Privilege, which is one of the most recognized clubs in all the world. Armin:

“The world is going mobile more and more, so it was about time to invest in an official app for my A State of Trance brand. I hope fans will love its direct connection to Spotify to listen to my tracks and playlists, as well as having ASOT news and updates right there in the palm of your hand.”

Be sure to download the app and to follow the biggest name in Trance around the globe in Armin Van Buuren!

-Du Schwa

BOOM Urchin Bluetooth Portable Speaker [Review]


Wether you are a music addict like me, or just enjoy kicking back and enjoying tunes on any given day, the new Urchin by BOOM is perfect for you. No this is not a sponsored post. BOOM reached out to us to give the Urchin a try and I was quite impressed. If you think $149.99 is out of our range, I’ll be the first to say it will be worth every penny. The Urchin is available for purchase at Apple and its stores nationwide. (more…)

Vice Launches Electronic Dance Music Channel: THUMP [News]

vice-thump-650A few days ago, the popular media company Vice launched their new digital platform THUMP in partnership with Recreation Worldwide. THUMP is a new website and youtube channel that showcases the biggest names in EDM, conveying exclusive access to Vice’s already massive following. Executives from our friends over at AM Only and Complete Control Management teamed up to help launch THUMP. Whether it be a live-feed from one of the biggest music festivals, a music video, or just a boiler room set, Vice plans on being the premier stepping stone from fans to the growing EDM scene.


Caption this photo for a chance to win a pair of SOL Republic Master Track Headphones! [Contest]


Photo Credit: Rukes

After an amazing time in Miami hanging out our favorite DJ’s, our friends over at SOL Republic have been generous enough to give away a pair of Master Track HD Headphones. I personally use these bad boys and can’t say enough about the quality and comfortability of these headphones. We will be putting up some great review content of our time spent with the company and its supporting DJ’s so stay tuned!

Rules of the contest are simple, CAPTION the above photo of Steve Aoki and Michael Phelps in the comments section below. Whoever comes up with the most creative caption for the photo takes home a pair of these incredible headphones. Winner has been chosen and notified by email. Contest Closed.


-Team BleedHouse

Sol Republic & Motorola – SOLdier SHUTTLE TO ULTRA [News]


The most popular ride at Ultra Music Festival is back again! SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola have teamed up to offer edm fans a free ride from South Beach and Ultra aboard four extremely macked out “SOLdier Shuttles” running from March 22-24. Fans can get on the bus for free by registering at: SOL REPUBLIC will be featuring its Savior of Sound DJs on the ride to keep the party going during the ride, as well as expected appearances from Steve Aoki, Disco Fries, Kid Cedek and many more. On every ride, SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola will also be giving away headphones, phones, phone battery extenders and prizes including t-shirts, tank tops and sunglasses. The most convenient and excited way to travel to and from Ultra. Sign up before seats are all taken up!

One Love


Richie Hawtin Introduces Traktor DJ App [News]

Traktor-DJ-appRegarded as one of the most talented mixers of all time, Richie Hawtin recently launched Native Instrument’s new DJ App the called Traktor. Product designer Scott Hobbs says, “We wanted to stop and this about this: how could we break down the digital DJing interface?” Similar to their computer software, the app uses the waveform in the center, two decks and many Traktor effects. The Ipad app uses multi-touch development so DJs can pinch and swipe to set loops and cues while still making it accessible to change tracks. Waveforms and finger movements trigger the tactile touchscreen.

DJ’s can easily adjust and develop their sets  via Traktor and upload their work onto a computer. “We wanted to reach out to a broad range of customers, including these beginner and fringe DJs,” says Hobbs. The app reaches out to an ample range of DJs, and has been utilized by the biggest names like Richie Hawtin and Dubfire. Hobbs was trying to create freedom in the mixing game with the creation of Traktor and Native Instruments has very high expectations. All in all, this app provides an easy digital interface for novice to expert DJs. Some may consider using this app as “cheating” compared to manual mixing, but there are many skills to be learned with the Traktor app. Richie Hawtin, one of the kings of techno, is already playing around with it so download the app today via Itunes!

-Du Schwa

EDM startup Mixify set to stream Rise Music Festival, bringing us the ultimate live digital music festival [Event]


Have you ever wanted to see  hear your favorite DJ but just couldn’t manage to make it because a venue was too far away? Or how about spending hundreds of dollars on the overflow of all of these promoter festivals? One can now lay in bed and experience  the biggest names in EDM through a streaming concert via our friends at EDM startup Starting tomorrow, Mixify is presenting RISE Music Festival, which includes three days of live DJ sets from around the world. Headlining the event is electro-heavy Knife Party, america’s greatest trance duo Tritonal, and bass-booming R3hab. Others include famous artists, Arty, Deniz Koyu and the famous youngin, Danny Avila.


Shazam partners up with Beatport, adds 1.5m new tracks to its catalog [News]


One of the world’s most beloved apps, Shazam, has just recently joined forces with Beatport to solidify the world of identifying EDM songs. Shazam is inheriting every song on Beatport and the catalog is only increasing. The question “What song is that DJ playing?” will soon be extinct with the collaboration of these major companies. Shazam added over 1.5 million  songs which adds to their database of 25 million. No longer will we have to dig deep and search for our favorite tracks, and the addition of these tracks is drastically valuable because 31 out of the top 100 songs that were tagged with Shazam were EDM songs, and this number will only increase. Look out for more smartphones in the air at your favorite club or festival and be sure to download the new Shazam app via iTunes!

via New York Times

-Du schwa

SOL REPUBLIC Deadmau5 Tracks HD Headphones [Contest]

 In honor of us surpassing the 10k like mark on our Facebook Page, we were given an amazing opportunity thanks to our friends over at SOL Republic to let one lucky winner receive a brand new pair of custom HD Deadmau5 headphones exclusively from SOL. All you have to do is enter below and a winner will be chosen by this Sunday! If you would like to know more about the headphones, stay tuned for our up coming review as we had a chance to have a listen to a pair as well. These go for about $150 retail so you are surely getting a perfect holiday gift. Second place winners will receive some free BleedHoue tank tops, stickers, tickets and more. Good Luck!