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-Position: Co-Founder / Editor-In-Chief (New York, NY)

-Name: Jonathon Kamali (Jonka)              


- I have been into music since a very young age. Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock, until I gradually started to listen to more and more electronic music. By the time high school was over, NY nightlife and EDM were at a crossroads and I thought that it was time for house music to blow up. Deciding to start this blog is to date one of the projects that I am most fond of as we have grown to receive more than 180,000 views a month. BleedHouse has become a premier outlet for everything EDM in just a little over one year. Along with my love for the music, my passions include sports, nightlife, tech, and real estate as I also work part time at an investment firm. I am a full time student at Baruch and always looking for a new venture so feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries or just to chat!




-Position: Co-Founder / Senior Editor (Miami, FL)

-Name: Yarden Sivan (Yordy)


-As a life long house music fan I have always enjoyed sharing and distributing my music amongst friends and  family since a young age. In recent years I’ve had the urge to take my love for house music to the next level and  considered DJing, and producing but realized like Jonka that starting my own music blog could be very  productive and would allow me to do what I love most, share my music with people. I genuinely have a passion  for good house music especially progressive house, as well as the works of DJ’s such as Calvin Harris,  Afrojack, Avicii, Dirty south, Swedish house etc… I tend to stray from mainstream music in general but  certain aspects of songs, such as unique drops and beats catch my ear. I love house music and I believe that our  blog will truly contribute to the house music community and it’s fans as a whole. Jon and I will consistently  provide our followers with top-of-the-line bangers as well as up to date info on upcoming raves. This blog is  truly for those who make going hard their life style, if you don’t find another one…



-Position: Editor (New York, NY)

-Name: Elena (Elzz)


-Born and raised in NYC, but my heart is in Ibiza. A veteran nightlife promotress turned socialite. Due to my love of music, you can find me dwelling anywhere from the most beautiful exclusive upscale clubs to dirty dingy warehouse raves. I’m a full time pharmacist and a full time raver. I love to travel, and especially check out the best music, parties, and festivals all over the world. My absolute favorite producers include Tiesto, and Deadmau5, but that doesn’t mean my style is limited to that. Catch me at a club and ill be rocking out to artists like Zedd, Calvin Harris, SHM, Armin. But if you spot me walking down the street or bumming out at home it’s most likely I’m listening to some tech or deep house to the likes of Joris Voorn. I love that the music & nightlife scene is ever-changing, I look forward to what it brings, and to sharing it with you all!




-Position: Editor (New York, NY)

-Name: Victor Weberman (Veber)


-Raised in the best city in the world, I have been surrounded by all types of music. But in the past few years, I connected to the sounds of electronic dance music, a genre that I gained a passion for. What started with going to a show once every few months, turned into hitting the biggest and best events in the country whenever possible. I don’t care if it’s at a local venue, major festival, or high-end club, if the beats are there, so am I. My favorite artists are Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Axwell, Nicky Romero, Porter Robinson and Tommy Trash. It’s crazy how big the EDM culture has grown in such a short time, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.



Attachment-1-Position: Editor (New Jersey)

-Name: Los Caravaggio (Losifer)


-I’m a Jersey boy in love with the bright lights of the concrete jungle. Music has always been a huge part of my life – it’s both my spark and my outlet. I quickly fell in love with the way the bass of EDM warps through my body and after going to Ultra #13, I haven’t looked back since. When you’re at a show and the rush of pure euphoria comes over everyone in the crowd, there’s no better feeling in the world. You share a moment of absolute bliss with perfect strangers and that’s what it’s all about. My favorite artists include: Laidback Luke, Chuckie, Dada Life, Gregori Klosman, Tommy Trash, Autoerotique, etc. As I’m sure you can tell, I like my beats hard and filthy. I am always down to rage and I am open to a mind blowing set by anyone. I am honored to be a part of the BleedHouse family and I look forward to sharing how I see the world with everyone.

  • E.Vil

    going hard is ma lifestyle!….. sick website…. this will get around fast.

  • Dani Soofer

    Listen! I need you to hook it up, I live in LA and I’m in love with your website and the mixes you find. Can you guys please put up live sets and tracklists from the IDentity festival?! Because this city doesn’t even have one house concert! :)

  • jonka

    well get them to you soon ;)

  • zak

    yooo bleedhouse can i get my mix on ur sight please reply meee thnks i really want my mix on it heerz the link of my mix…..

  • liveforthedrop

    how do i get one of those tanks you had at Ezoo??? Those things were tight.

  • CJ Dickson

    love the wedsite, its where i get most of my music from now. Thanks cant wait for more

  • Kimberly Mufferi | Photography Blog

    Love this… do you guys need a photographer at your events?

  • jonka

    Please email us!

  • Matt Orrange *WA’s finest BleedHouser*

    Love your blog guys, I came across from viewing the blog roll… I scrolled through your past posts, and you guys posted the same bangers that I have come across… So that means your in circulation in my blogsphere… look forward to the bangers bros

    Matt Orrange

  • Chris

    Hey, I really like this page and get most of my newest beats from here. Just love it!

    But I have one little question:

    Could you instead of putting the BLEED HOUSE logo on the song you upload (->download link) put the real cover picture of the song on it?
    So if I have the song on my iTunes it has the real picture instead of the BLEED HOUSE logo.

    Would mean a lot. Thanks in advance!

  • kerks

    you guys havent put up; momentum by dimitri vegas like mike and rej. waiting for the download. thanks!!

  • Kevin

    yo guys i go to mad concerts and stuff, i wanted to see if u guys are selling t shirts and tank tops cause i would be down to wear them to any venue i go to. Let me know cause i live in GN so im pretty close…

  • Fred

    Hi I just wanna know if it’s allowed to play the new track atom by nari&milani as a dj before the 9th of april? Thanks

  • jonka

    As long as you delete it within 24 hours. Sampling use only.

  • Tinmanthedj

    Hey Jonka, love the site and have been supporting it for a while! Would like for you guys to check out my song on soundcloud. I have my other work on other blogs.. hope to be on this one! 

  • Zoot Fitzgerald

    Hey guys. Basically the same message as Tinmanthedj.

  • Mathy Muso

    1. If ever you guys need some eyes on the UK Scene, Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

    2. Without sounding like a spamaholic (pretty hard considering I’m the third guy in a row posting link to there soundcloud page), HERE’S A LINK TO MY SOUNDCLOUD PAGE! (allcaps excitement, not rage! :) )

    I’m particularly proud of ‘LET”S GO!’ (no way related to the Calvin Harris hit) and I can’t wait to drop a finished version of ‘Little Japanese Toy’ (the track with the japanese text [thank you google translate])

    Hope You Enjoy!

    P.S I love this website! :D

  • Alessio Flammini
    very happy if you support me with my bootleg

    very cool site i always support it :)

  • Julian
  • Alex Bittan

    RollerCoaster produced by Alex Bittan and VIZ is now available with free download by clicking the downward arrow! Please comment, share, and download! NEW EP “CHAPTER ONE” is coming out soon!!!

  • adrian

    Have you guys heard of Sun City Music Festival? It’s a sick even in El Paso Texas. You guys should put it on the site 


    i am a dj from panama cuity in latin america im 15 years old and i would like you to here my new mix

  • BIGI
  • Tony Marcantonio

    Symphonysounds Remix of Steve Aoki Feat Polina – Come with Me

  • Yoonbell

    Psy – Gangnam Style remix! Promise you the quality :)

  • yoonbell
  • Brunno
  • yoonbell
  • D’Amico

    Hello can you learn me what i have to do to publish my sound on your site ?
    I’m 17 years old tell my what you think about this ! thank !

  • Luca Iaboni

    Check out this up and coming DJ/Producer out of Connecticut named Tim West!

  • > name goes here <


  • Walter

    Please don’t become bleedhouse in traphouse

  • klyde drexler

    inspired by the NW music festival that shares the same name