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Afrojack makes an unforgettable Hakkasan LV debut [News]

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When Hakkasan grabbed a bunch of new artists to stack their residency list, they made sure to get one of the bigger names in dance music in Afrojack. Well, the time finally came this past friday for the Dutch master to grace his presence at the hot MGM Grand nightclub.

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With anticipation building from the crowd, Afrojack hopped on the decks during primetime, around 1:30. He wasted no time wowing the crowd with his music, and added to the allure of the first “Afrojack experience” at Hakkasan was the appearance of two male contortionists. During his set, a dozen of Hakkasan Nightclub’s cocktail waitresses joined Nick in the booth to present him a rather large bottle of champagne. In classic fashion, Afrojack took the bottle and sprayed it all over the crowd. Additionally, two new LED screens were unveiled at the rather popular club, which displayed stunning graphics and imagery. Just the first of many Afrojack events to take over nights at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas is in for a treat for the months to come.

Photo Credit: Al Powers


Electric Daisy Carnival New York 2014 Lineup Revealed [News]


Less than an hour after Mysteryland uncovered the blanket, the lineup for EDC New York was revealed to the public. With even bigger names this year, EDC is making all efforts to trump Electric Zoo as the top festival in the tri-state area. While the zoo has some time to recruit, let’s break down what Insomniac Events has in store for Memorial Day weekend.

There are many familiar names in this year’s group. Superstars Afrojack, Calvin Harris, Carl Cox, and Steve Angello continue to remain faithful since the first edition back in 2012. And while those are some heavy hitters, Insomniac went above and beyond this year stealing Tiesto, Hardwell, Boys Noize, Krewella, Tommy Trash, and Sander van Doorn from Electric Zoo. We’re not sure as to how they managed to pull this one off, but the Randall’s Island faithful are surely in shock right now. With the move back to MetLife Stadium, and all this new added talent, EDC NY is rivaling Mysteryland USA for this coming Memorial Day Weekend. And as the ticket sales start flying, it’s decision time for all of you festival-goers. What’s it going to be? EDC NY or Mysterland USA?


Hakkasan LV announces star studded 2014 lineup [News]


After a successful year in bringing in some major acts, Hakkasan nightclub at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is here to announce their all-star lineup yet again.  All of the returning residents brighten up the cast from the start. Those coming back are Tiësto, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, Danny Avila, Bingo Players, Dada Life, MarkEteson, Fergie (DJ), NERVO, R3hab, Eva Shaw and Michael Woods.

However, it is the new names they have managed to grab that add fuel to this already massive fire. Taking household names from competing clubs, Hakkasan has bolstered its roster with Above & Beyond, Afrojack, Sunnery James & Ryan Maricano, and W&W.  They also plan to have several special guests throughout the year. One is Moby, a Grammy award-winning legend in the music industry.  Hakksan starts this highly anticpated year with the birthday celebrations on January 17th and 18th with Calvin Harris and Tiësto respectively. They couldn’t have kicked off their calendar any better.

Additionally, the MGM Grand’s Wet Republic Ultra Pool, will feature a handful of the above names, including Hardwell and Steve Aoki. To say that Hakkasan has upped the ante, is an understatement. With top tier competitors, such as Marquee and XS, Hakkasan is certainly heading to the front of the race, making the MGM Grand the place to be this year.


Afrojack premieres highly anticipated remix of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”


 When word came out that Afrojack had remixed Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball, most of us admittedly criticized Nick for what he was starting to become production wise. He seemed to be going from dance music to more of a mainstream pop feel following the release of “The Spark” and had lost tons of fans in the process. Now that we have a full length preview its safe to say that Afrojack has proven the haters wrong as this 7 minute remix embodies most of the skills that got us to know and love Nick as a producer. Lets hope for dance music’s sake that he sticks to this kind of production and showcases what made him who he is today.  

Wrecking Ball (Afrojack Remix) – Miley Cyrus


Afrojack – Jack That Body [Preview]


 Another day, another flurry of new uploads on Afrojack’s soundcloud. The first of which titled ‘Jack That Body’ will be released on August 5th via Wall Recordings. The next is an heavy experimental track from Nick who has come alive in recent weeks with a few jabs at Deadmau5 titled ‘GotDrop?’ and the final comes as a free download titled ‘Peanuts’ which features a bit of a different style that we are used to from the king of dutch. I personally have grown tired of Afrojack’s melodies and recent production technique but thats not to say that his fan base still adores his music. His up and coming releases will determine the fait and legacy that is Afrojack; So stay tuned as Nick proactively looks to silence his haters with new material. 


Afrojack – ‘It’s A Matter Of…’ (EP) [Preview]


 Nick Van De Wall has been making all kinds of headlines lately, from totaling Ferraris to producing albums for people like Paris Hilton it seems like Afrojack just can’t keep himself out of the headlines these days. Despite the creation of his recent alternative house moniker “Far Far Away” the man has clearly lost his artists edge, and succumb to the mainstream limelight. Afro recently uploaded these three tracks to his soundcloud as an EP entitled ‘It’s A Matter Of…’. The EP is comprised of 3 tracks we’ve heard him play countless times throughout the past couple of years. If he keeps this up it seems like it’s only a matter of time…. till Afro is old news. Stay tuned for news on release dates.

One Love


Afrojack unveils new alias ‘Far Far Away’ with premiere of Robot City [Preview]

603814_10151628152456421_2016879043_nMost people know Afrojack today as that mainstream DJ that always knows what to produce and drop in order to appease the ‘EDM’ crowd of the modern-day. Today he works on changing that perception as he unveils a new possible alias in ‘Far Far Away’ which highlights his true abilities and talents as a producer:

Outside of the whole party thing and waaaa drops edm n what not, I also like just making music for the heck of it, not to impress anybody, not to be fancy, not to anything.Even though its not what most of you are used to, its still my biggest passion to share these kind of things with you, so welcome to the kingdom of Far Far Away, everything under this extra title is gonna be my weird stuff. Starting off I just made this thingy, just something nice to go to sleep to.

If “Robot City” is any example of things to come from Nick, you can expect another massive year for the king of dirty dutch as he dips into new “kingdoms” and genres that  show what the man is truly capable of. Lets see what Deadmau5 has to say about the alleged “button pusher” now….



Afrojack – Its a Matter Of… [Preview]


 The king of dutch has just previewed a few new bombs to help get us prepared for festival season. “Its A Matter Of” is six minutes filled with the vintage Afro synths and kicks that we all had come to know and love. This one proves that he still got it and is preparing for a hell of a summer ahead as he nears completion of the collaboration with Steve Aoki titled “Afroki” as well as just snagging a performance at the first ever Tomorrow World set to take place in Atlanta, GA. Stay tuned for the full release of this heavy hitter . 


Afrojack previews his upcoming 2013 album [Preview]


Afrojack seems to be building up a ton of hype for the next coming year. Already booked for shows with Rusko Diplo on the 30th, and then his NYE Bash at Pier 94 NYC and he has finally come to create hisSoundCloudpage. Along with the new SoundCloud, Afrojack uploaded some goodies for the fans including previews to his new remix to “Gangnam Style” and his new original “Rocker.” Perhaps the greatest holiday gift of all from Nick is a big preview with a compilation of tracks on his upcoming album. No word yet on the title or release date except that we hope it arrives in early 2013. Stay tuned!


Afrojack – Air Guitar (Original Mix) [PREVIEW]

The time has come for this long awaited gem in Afrojack’s mysterious playlist to be named and officially previewed, and oh what a track it is! This song has been played for quite sometime by Nick during his live sets, previously known as “Petsbud” is now called “Air Guitar” a fitting title for this electronic banger! This fast paced jam is somewhat different than your usual Afrojack song, but still maintains that signature umph that only the dutchman himself can produce. Loving this track it should be released sometime soon off Wall records.

One Love 

- Yordy 

Afrojack – Annie’s Theme (Original Mix) [RELEASE]

While on the Annie Mac show on BBC’s radio one, Afrojack decided to promote his new single, which he declared “Annie’s Theme” as a temporary title, looks like it ended up sticking…. Nick explained that it was a piece of music and required no title, which I really appreciated and is exactly how I happen to feel about his original productions. Although Afro may have recently worked on remixing tracks by big name artists such as Will.I.Am’s “This Is Love” he is most talented when creating original tracks. Nick Van De Wall really gets back to his funky signature sound with this one and I’m loving it. This particular single has been played dozens of times by afro within the past year and killed it absolutely every time, but seems to have followed his familiar remedy to releasing songs. 

Afrojack – Annie’s Theme (Original Mix) 

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Kirsty – Hands High (Afrojack Remix) [RELEASE]

As one of Nick Van De Wall’s biggest advocates, hearing remixes like this put a smile on my face. It’s tracks like these that remind us that despite an artist’s popularity or time in the lime-lite that they are still true to their original techniques and fan-base. This track is a testament to true afro fans, with his one of a kind afro-like peeks and drops of pitch. This remix has been lingering in Nick’s sets for quite sometime and has finally been released today! Afro-addicts rejoice!

Kirsty – Hands High (Afrojack Remix)

One Love


Wonder Girls – The DJ Is Mine (Afrojack Remix) [PREVIEW]

Afrotrap??? The king of dirty dutch previewed his new remix to the Wonder Girls’ “The DJ is Mine” during his latest live Ustream session. This track sort of sounds like Afro put it together in a matter of hours and isn’t really closed to completion but he still manages to bring his classic banging dutch signature a long with a trap feel. Let me know what you think about this one and stay tuned for any info on whether this will ever even be officially released. 

The DJ Is Mine (Afrojack Remix) - Wonder Girls


Will.I.Am ft Eva Simmons – This Is Love (Afrojack Remix) [RELEASE]

Let me just say that I nearly fell off my chair when I first heard this remix that was premiered at EDC Las Vegas, it seems like Nick Van De Wall never ceases to impress. Over the past couple of years Will.I.Am and his fellow pop band members have ventured into the house music scene, producing mostly mainstream tracks. However when I first heard the original version of “This Is Love” I had a feeling something crazy was soon to come of it, and it has arrived. Who better to make an edit of this song, than the dutchman himself Afrojack. He just seems to have a knack for scouting out a prime track to be remixed and man does it give him the upper hand in the industry. This is sounding like it may be one of my favorite tracks of this year, with it’s monstrous drop and massive bass line this track defines the word banger. Now this track is supposed to be released on August 7th, but we got it a little early…. enjoy!

Will.I.Am ft Eva Simmons – This Is Love (Afrojack Remix)

 One Love 



Afrojack & R3hab – ID [PREVIEW]

 Every time I have seen Afrojack perform live this year he has debuted at least one or two brand new tracks and they have all been bangers! Nick Van De Wall truly has a talent for creating house music, and seems to possess skills far and beyond those of most producers. This year in particular it seems like Afro always has us on the edge of our seats waiting for another one of his monumental hits to be released. I couldn’t wait for the official preview of this one so I thought I would make due with this high quality radio rip. This ID in particular is my favorite out of the collection of tracks waiting to be named by the dutchman himself, specifically because of R3hab’s unique touch on it. Hopefully Afrojack won’t keep us waiting too long for this wave of new ID’s.

High Quality Radio Rip: Afrojack & R3hab – ID

One Love


Michael Jackson – Bad (Afrojack Remix) [PREVIEW]

It looks like EDM has finally hit the king of pop known as none other than Michael Jackson. Pepsi and Sony music will take part in releasing remastered tracks off of Michaels album “Bad” The first preview from the anticipated project comes from our favorite dutchmen Afrojack. Instead of completely re-working the hit, he seems to keep the tracks flavor while adding some dutch to the flow. Bad 25 (25th anniversary of the legendary album) will be released on September 18th. Stay tuned for more previews and info on this project including upcoming remixes from A-trak and Diplo.

Wether you like it or not, EDM is getting bigger and at a very quick pace. It will be interesting to see how the masses will respond to its contiuning rise in popularity. Do you think the bigger electronic dance music gets the better? Or do you prefer to keep it exclusive for those who truly enjoy the music and don’t want to see it influenced by the mainstream. Let me know what you think!


Afrojack – ID [PREVIEW]

Right when I heard Afrojack open with this dirty banger at EDCNY I made note to hunt this track down. It shows that he still has a lot in his arsenal and is still managing to keep the dirty dutch, creative style that we have all come to love from Nick. It safe to say that the WALL Crew played a massive part in EDC’s success. Shermanology, Quintino, R3hab, Bobby Burns and Afro himself really tore up Giants stadium and this hit is a testament to that. I will keep you posted on any new info regarding this or any other Afrojack ID’s. Stay tuned!!!


Afrojack ft. Apster – ID [PREVIEW]

Afrojack’s newest un-named track is a collaboration with Apster, that showcases the dutchman’s unique electro as well as incorporates a lot of piano and seems to come together perfectly as always. Afro is personally one of my favorite artists in the game right now and this track seems like it will just add to his legacy. Not too different from anything we are used to from him but just as amazing as the rest of his recent work, he never seems to disappoint. This track was recently played at Bloomingdale Beach, one of the destinations on his “Jacked” tour. Let me know what you guys think.

Afrojack ft. Apster – ID (original mix)

One Love


Fatility (Original Mix) – Afrojack [RELEASE]

Finally! Almost out of no where the king of dutch has put out his brand new single via Wall Recordings called “Fatility.” Usually when a track this big is in production, Nick would give us a preview weeks in advance, but fortunately he has gone straight to the release. Just hearing this dutch banger made me realize how much I miss Afrojack’s productions. Hopefully this is a sign of more new music in the future. ENJOY!!!

Fatility (Original Mix) - Afrojack


Afrojack [THROWBACK OF THE WEEK] vol.4

I think its safe to say that 100% of people following Bleedhouse are familiar with Afrojack. Before he blew up and changed house music forever, he was just like most other young producers trying to make it in a tough industry. He began playing piano at a very young age and took his love for music to the next level when he started producing music at age 11. Then, at age 17 everything changed. He began to become noticed by the likes of Laidback Luke and Sidney Samson and eventually began his own record label “Wall Recordings.”  Afrojack grew in popularity every year, but 2009 was the year that he really went global. Having produced songs like “Takeover Control”, “Cant Stop Me Now” and many more, Afrojack is credited for being one of the biggest EDM producers who in the game.  As one of the producers who got me into house music, Afrojack is a pioneer and an inspiration to all. Enjoy!

Cool (Afrojack Remix) – Spencer & Hill

Gypsy (Afrojack Remix) – Steve Angello

In Your Face (Original Mix) – Afrojack

Drop Down (Original Mix) – Afrojack



Finally, after much anticipation comes the remixes to Afrojack & R3hab’s “Prutataaa” This remix package includes bangers from the likes of Dada Life, Angger Dimas, and Darth & Vader. Although we gave you the link to Dada’s remix a while back, here is the full HQ version. The swedes put their signature style on the track and dada fuck the shit out of it. Angger Dimas puts a whole new twist to Prutataaa giving it a wild and powerful house feel while Darth & Vader go dubcore. Personally I love Angger’s remix the most but thats just because of my obsession with the kid. Let me know which is your favorite. ENJOY!!

Prutataaa (Dada Life Remix) - Afrojack, R3hab

Prutataaa (Angger Dimas Remix) - Afrojack, R3hab

Prutataaa (Darth & Vader Remix) - Afrojack, R3hab



Around the same time last year, Afrojack put out an EP called “Lost and Found”, full of new goodies from the dutchmen. This year he is back at it with part 2 and it is just as massive. You can get the whole EP from BeatPort. Here are three free downloads from the EP (I will add some more soon) including “Vancouver” a wild dutch track from Afro which really caught my eyes and ears the most from his new album. Let me know what you think about it. ENJOY!

Vancouver (Original Mix) - Afrojack 

Montreal (Original Mix) - Afrojack

Pop On Acid (Original Mix) - Afrojack



Dating back to this past summer, R3hab and Swanky Tunes “Sending My Love” has remained a huge hit. Today a flurry of remixes have been released including the likes of Afrojack, Hard Rock Sofa, Kaskade, Tommy Trash, and Cazzette. Although Afrojack’s is more of an edit than a remix, I prefer his over the others. Hard Rock Sofa also kills it and I think Kaskade and Tommy Trash could have both done better, their remixes were not up to par im my opinion. Let me know which one you like the best! ENJOY!

Sending My Love (Afrojack Edit) - Swanky Tunes, R3hab

Sending My Love (Hard Rock Sofa Remix) - Swanky Tunes, R3hab

Sending My Love (Kaskade Remix) - Swanky Tunes, R3hab

Sending My Love Max’C (Tommy Trash Remix) - Swanky Tunes, R3hab




Who knew Gaga would be so popular amongst DJ’s for a remix??? Today I give you an exclusive remix bundle to Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night.” The winner for the best remix in my opinion has to be either Afrojack or Sander Van Doorn’s. Nick brings his signature dirty dutch feel to the track while Sander gives it a lot of progressive details and yet still manages to keep it banging. Zedd’s remix is solid but too simple for my liking. R3hab is well, r3hab; and I think Dahlback really didn’t do the best he could on this one. Let me know which one you like the best!

Marry The Night (Afrojack Remix) – Lady Gaga

Marry The Night (Sander Van Doorn Remix) - Lady Gaga

Marry The Night (Zedd Remix) - Lady Gaga

Marry The Night (R3hab Remix) - Lady Gaga

Marry The Night (John Dahlback Remix) - Lady Gaga