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Avicii feat. Audra Mae – Dreaming Of Me [Preview]

1471394_10151882897021799_725705227_nAfter an incredible 2013, Avicii has reclaimed the spotlight in dance music worldwide. Coming off the immense success of his debut album, True, it seems like he will continue to roll into the new year in big fashion. His latest production was just previewed in the Le7els podcast and is titled “Dreaming of Me” featuring the ever so soothing vocals of Audra Mae. This new tune exemplifies how Tim continues to experiment with different styles and energy points despite the “mainstream” criticism he often receives,  and his massive success is a testament to that. Stay tuned for more info on a possible release date and prepare for another big year for Avicii. 


Syn Cole – Miami 82 (Avicii Edit) [Release]


First premiered by Pete Tong a few weeks back, we officially have the release of Avicii’s Edit of Sync Cole’s ‘Miami 82′. If you had abandoned the Avicii ship after the Swede had started to play his new folk-house sound, you may think twice after listening to this remix. We always knew Mr. Bergling to be a talented man, and here we see him shifting gears once again. This time it is all about the feel-good melodies, one of the reasons we all first fell in love with recent AMA winner. Building on to the already groovy tune, Avicii gives this track an electro tune-up that you will be jamming out to all night long. This edit of Syn Cole’s masterpiece single will be released via Le7els Records, the very much growing campaign headed by the influential Ash Pournouri. Grab this new edit by Tim now on available on BeatPort and enjoy.

Miami 82 (Avicii Edit) - Syn Cole


Avicii showcases TRUE exclusively on Spotify ahead of Sept 17th release date [Preview]


We are less than a week away from the release of Avicii’s debut studio album titled TRUE and fans of the dance music icon couldn’t be more thrilled. So far, “Wake Me Up” has taken charts by storm and is headed toward platinum status. If this is any indication as to the quality of the rest of TRUE, we have tons to look forward to as Avicii embarks on his next journey with his newly found country style of production. Stay tuned for the official release of this album which is set to include his highly anticipated collaboration with Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert titled “Lay Me Down” and preview all 12 tracks in the mini mix below via Spotify.


Avicii – You Make Me [Preview]


Overall, dance music faithfuls have restored favor in Avicii with his new style of production. No one can deny his strive to create something original in a genre that is in desperate need of something different. Coming off the massive success of “Wake Me Up” ft. Aloe Blacc, his latest single titled “You Make Me” was just premiered on Pete Tong’s latest Radio 1 episode and is slated to rise dance charts upon release and is now up for pre-order on iTunes. Stay tuned for more on what is shaping up to be a very promising year for Avicii. 



Avicii – Wake Me Up (EDX Edit) [Preview]


“Wake Me Up” is first of many upcoming tracks from Avicii’s new, folk-house album “TRUE”. While the new type of music Mr. Bergling has chosen continues to receive mixed reviews, EDX has now given his take on the feature tune of the album. In this teaser, EDX keeps the strong vocals of Aloe Blacc while infusing a progressive rhythm to give fans the sound (they believe) has been missing all along. While this new genre Avicii is working with is highly interesting, EDX gives listeners another way to enjoy the single that has been taking over radio stations across the globe. Just a one minute and forty second teaser, this preview certainly has the dance music community craving the full remix. Stay tuned.


Avicii ft Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up [Preview]


 Since UMF 2013, Avicii has been showcasing the new tracks in his album which have that sort of “country house” flow. We got to hear a ton of new, odd yet fresh material in his 2013 promo mix. This HQ Rip features a collabo with Avicii and Aloe Blacc. I personally love the new direction Avicii is heading in and am highly anticipating his new album. Let us know what you think of “Wake Me Up” and stay tuned for more info on the upcoming album. 


Avicii – Promo Mix 2013


Fresh off a UMF main stage performance that stunned many, Avicii has released his “Promo Mix” for 2013. The night before Weekend 2 of the festival kicked off, the young Swede said he would be featuring some of his new tracks, and boy, was this a version of Avicii we were yet to see. Whether people would appreciate this new style or not, was a high-risk/high-reward situation for Tim. After hearing all of the mixed reviews, you can now experience the new sound of Mr. Bergling in the comfort of your own home. If there’s two pieces of advice I can give before listening to this mix: 1) have an open mind and 2) get ready for some Country. Avicii’s music has taken a lot of criticism, along with all of the accolades he’s accomplished in the past year, and he is showing major courage delving into a drastically different style. Whether you’re a past or present fan, give this mix a listen, as this is the “new Avicii” we will be seeing in the future.


Avicii – UMF (Ultra Music Festival Anthem) [Release]


A good portion of dance music fans are well aware of Avicii’s latest addition to the UMF compilation. Finally ID’d as “UMF” , we have the release of one of his signature tracks heard at almost every Avicii concert you could imagine. It is still a work of art nonetheless so be sure to check it out a long with the other UMF tracks by various DJ’s on iTunes. Avicii’s latest mix featured on Diplo & Friends showed what he is really capable of so we can only hope that this is a sign of building momentum for the ever so popular Avicii.

UMF (Ultra Music Festival Anthem) – Avicii


Marquee LV NYE Weekend Lineup [Event]

Marquee LV is notorious for bringing in top tier talent to DJ their massive parties and this NYE they didn’t disappoint. The weekend kicks off with ATB on Friday, followed by Kaskade and Avicii. For the grand finale on New Year’s Eve, Benny Benassi brings the debut of a new, expandedMetamorphosis show — custom built for Benny by the Marquee creative team complete with “stunning production.” Tickets are still available so if you are looking for an A+ NYE, look no further than the best of the best at Marquee LV. Also peep the video below and be sure to check out their impressive upcoming lineup and venues for Halfway to EDC.”


Avicii – Silhouettes (Remixes) [RELEASE]

A recent slew of remixes to Tim Berg’s progressive track “Silhouettes” has finally surfaced. His label Le7els recordings seems to have taken a liking to stalling releases as long as they possibly can so there is no surprise in the late releases of these remixes. Avicii’s original mix was somewhat of a let down, a dull progressive track that later received some lyrics, but overall a sub-par overplayed radio single. However veteran producer EDX, and electro junky, Lazy Rich seem to have remedied this lifeless excuse for a house track, each creating their own version and adding their signature touches of heavy bass and synth to make this song really BANG! Wasn’t really feeling the Syn Cole Creamfeilds mix, not really my speed. Let me know what you think.

Avicii – Silhouettes (Lazy Rich Remix) 

Avicii – Silhouettes (EDX Arena Remix)

One Love


Avicii ft. Salem Al Fakir – Silhouettes (Nari & Milani Remix) [RELEASE]

Following what was potentially one of the best house tracks of the year, “Atom” artists Nari & Milani have been searching for that same remedy to put their track back at the top of the charts. Now this track doesn’t touch atom but is definitely the best work I have heard from them since. This remix shares a lot of similar baselines from the duo’s other tracks, and I think it’s a huge improvement from the original Silhouettes. 

Avicii ft. Salem Al Fakir – Silhouettes (Nari & Milani Remix)

One Love


Eric Turner vs. Avicii – Dancing In My Head (Avicii’s Been Cursed Mix) [RELEASE]

After almost a year of waiting, we finally have the official release to Avicii’s remix to “Dancing In My Head” via Capitol Records. This release won’t receive as much praise as it should considering this track has been floating around in sets for more than a year but nonetheless its another beautiful synth filled track from Tim Bergling. Also for all of you New Yorkers out there, Avicii will be announcing his big secret this Tuesday. Our friends over at @DancingAstro believe it is a mega event at none other than Radio City Music Hall, but check back with us on Tuesday for official details. Enjoy!

Dancing In My Head (Avicii’s Been Cursed Mix) - Eric Turner vs. Avicii



Fucking Avicii. You definitely can’t blame this whole situation on him, but he definitely played his part. Anyways, before he helped bring dance music to the mainstream, he was a killer producer who was as versatile as they came. His more unknown alias, Tim Berg, is a totally different producer. When I think of Tim Berg, I don’t think of that repetitive progressive sound were used to from Avicii. Tweet It is a straight classic. This is a song you have, and will continue to hear in many DJ sets, and rightfully so. Also added is another old track that just shows how skilled Avicii really was. You would never think he had it in him to produce using the style of “Electric Masturbation” and yes it is most definitely masturbation worthy. ENJOY!!

Tweet It (Original Mix) – Tim Berg

Electric Masturbation - Avicii


Avicii – Two Million [RELEASE]

In honor of hitting 2 million likes on Facebook, Avicii celebrates by giving fans a free download of his track “Two Million”. After the release of “Levels”, we may kind of cringe at the thought of hearing another Avicii track, but this release may come as a surprise to most of us. The track is definitely on the darker side, differing immensely from his previously released tracks “Silhouettes” or “Superlove”. Have a listen and enjoy!

Avicii – Two Million (Original Mix)



Girl Gone Wild (Avicii + Dada Life Remixes) – Madonna [RELEASE]

After first being premiered at UMF 2012, we now have the remix to Avicii and Dada Life’s remixes to Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild.” Knowing me you could guess that I prefer Dada’s remix as the crazy Swede’s go HARD on this remix. You would think trying to edit a Madonna song would be a sign of house becoming a bit mainstream, but Olle and Stefan defy that notion. I prefer their remix over Avicii’s big time. Don’t get me wrong Tim’s remix is not bad at all, but his signature just seems to be getting to old for me. I think he really needs to change it up a bit if he still wants to be considered one of the best producers in the game. Let me know which remix you prefer.

Download: Girl Gone Wild (Dada Life Remix) – Madonna

Download: Girl Gone Wild (Avicii Remix) - Madonna


Avicii Vs. Lenny Kravitz – Superlove (Avicii Space Mix) [PREVIEW]

Personally I’m not the biggest Tim Berg fan, and I’ve been hearing mixed reviews of his Ultra set; which I decided to skip in order to attend a WMC party. However this track was produced with a musical legend, Lenny Kravitz. I appreciate Tim’s ability to utilize such a unique artist and avoid other main stream lyricists like we have recently become used to from other producers. I can’t really judge the whole song from this short preview, but it sounds like a solid enough house track, lets see what Avicii has in store for us. Let me know what you think.

One Love 


Dancing In My Head (Avicii’s Been Cursed Mix)

Possibly the worlds greatest progressive producer and house DJ alike continues to rise, with no signs of stopping anywhere in the near future. Tim Bergling has worked to achieve his reputation and position in the EDM world and shows nothing but promise for the future, we can expect a lot more performances and releases from him this coming year. Heres a track Tim played during his New Years Eve set at pier 94 in New York City, by Eric Turner called “Dancing In My (Avicii’s Been Cursed Mix)”. We’ll try to help clear up the rest of your ID’s from his set and other DJ’s NYE sets as soon as we can, Enjoy this live rip in the meantime.

One Love



I walked into Pier 94 this New Years Eve with high expectations, and am happy to say that they were definitely satisfied! The line coming in was longer than anything I had personally ever seen and the crowd was getting overly anxious. The only way you could really know how the atmosphere was like for Cazzette and Arty was if you had attended. I thought both opening sets were great as we heard some new tracks and ID’s such as Make Soome Room and Killmode, but the crowd was really starting to get rough. At one point it was almost impossible to move if you had gone up front as the pushing and shoving just got worse. Finally, the music stopped for a few seconds as Avicii took his throne, and opened his set with his famous “Levels” (shocker). I was a little bit weary about Avicii coming in, thinking that his sets are way too mainstream but at the end of the day, his music brought everyone together for a performance to go down in the history books. Tracks like Silhouettes, Fuck School, Don’t Give Up On Us, and Blessed are what makes Avicii so talented. It is his ability to make you zero in on the music over everything else.

If you had other New Years plans last night I hope you enjoyed as we look forward to a big 2012 for all of us. Relive New Years Eve and Pier 94 below with live sets, track lists, photos and videos. ENJOY!


Turbulence Mutfakta Flashback! (TG BOOTLEG)

Just as we are about to hit the new year, Thomas Gold has released his “secret weapon of 2011.” This crazy bootleg/mashup combines the likes of Laidback Luke, Aoki, Chuckie, and Calvin Harris and has been in many of Gold’s sets for this past year. This track is a must download if you are into big time mashups. If you want to show some support for TG check out his upcoming 2012 U.S. Tour or the exclusive Bleedhouse Interview with Thomas if you haven’t already. ENJOY!!

Turbulence Mutfakta Flashback (Thomas Gold Edit)


Levels (Good Feeling) (Nic Hadj Bootleg) - Hardwell VS Hook N Sling - Here is another free bootleg/mashup as an early new years gift from a good friend of mine. The buildup/drops in this track are MASSIVE. Let me know what you think!


Levels – Hardwell Bootleg (RELEASE)

The iconic single “Levels” produced by Avicii last year, originally debuted as ID, but only recently officially released, has another addition to it’s legacy. Hardwell the young masterful producer debuted his version of “Levels” during his on air radio show last month and has only been released today, somewhat secretively….. This version is  a hard hitting club shaker, with its massive base and crazy synth, and has finally been released Enjoy!!

Download: Avicii – Levels (Hardwell Bootleg)

One Love



After a week of living on the preview, we finally give you the HQ version of the Skrillex Remix to Avicii’s famous Levels. Personally I have seen better work from Skrillex and it kind of surprised me that this remix didn’t have a big WOW type drop. Despite the missing wow factor, this one still merits posting and is still catchy as hell. Let me know what you think about it!

 Levels (Skrillex Remix) – Avicii


Before This Night is Through – Avicii (RELEASE)

Tim Bergling does it again, this song is a fucking hit, i’m loving the angry synth and banging bass. I just keep imagining this song being played on NYE while Avicii builds up the anticipation till the ball drops. This song is gonna live on for quite sometime its already got my head bobbing cant wait to hear it at full blast, enjoy!

Before This Night is Through (Bad Things) - Avicii

One Love 


Levels Music Video + Skrillex Remix (Preview)


And the Notorious saga of “Levels” potentially the greatest EDM song of the year continues….Following a far over due release date and multiple remixes by Hardwell and Cazzette, the illustrious chart topper is back with a humorous music video that involves some schmuck dancing, but I still loved it, let me know what you guys think about it!

Oh and although Im not the biggest fan of Dubstep even I can recognize how enormous this Skrillex remix is and what its going to do for the genre. Got to give props when they’re due, and Skrillex knows how to get it done. Even i can’t wait for this one to drop!! Heres the live preview Enjoy!


One Love


Avicii & Nicky Romero – Fuck School (RIP)

Hands down Avicii kills it. If you ask anyone if they know about house music or techno or electronic or any fucking name you wanna call it people respond: Yeah….Avicii. Avicii is a name, a metaphor, a verb, I even heard rumors that their has been a new medical procedure named Avicii. His presence is spreading everywhere. Now we find him paired up with a famous but not as well known DJ and producer, Nicky Romero. This guy hails all the way from the Netherlands and has literally been killing shit since he was taken up by Spinnin’ Records. You can definitely hear his influence on this track. This is the most up to date and high quality version of the previewed track that was initially labeled ID. It basically sounds like an instrumental waiting for some dope lyrics to be laid on it but until then enjoy this new shit…Avicii.

Fuck School (Original Mix) - Avicii & Nicky Romero (HQ RIP)


Bonus track: Heres a dirty mashup by Kap Slap. The name explains it all.

One Rolling Love (Club Mix)

- Sammy Z