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MAKJ – Springen (Original Mix) [Preview]


The up and comer  known as MAKJ teases us with a big room banger via Hysteria the label owned and operated by Bingo Players who officially debuted this track at Ultra 2013. “Springen” is yet another festival favorite for this summer and will be officially released on June 24th. Stay tuned for “Springen” and check back for a photos and a review for Bingo’s Governors Island event this Sunday. 


Bingo Players – Buzzcut [Release]

BINGO_PLAYERS_BUZZCUT_RGBThe Bingo Players are back with a new hit single “Buzzcut.” Coming off the success of “Out of My Mind” , this highly anticipated single features some piercing synths in the building which lead to a huge classic Bingo drop. “Buzzcut” is now out via their own Hysteria which has been home to some recent bombs such Bassjackers “Duckface” and Ralvero’s “Fuck What U Heard.” Download via BeatPort and enjoy.

Buzzcut (Original Mix) – Bingo Players


Bingo Players – Out Of My Mind (Dada Life Remix) [Release]


From one crazy duo to another, Dada Life has chosen their next remix target: Bingo Players. “Out of My Mind” has been BP’s most popular track since its release in November 2012, and now the Swedes have put their own dada fucking spin on it. After being snubbed from the UMF lineup, Dada Life is out to prove why that was a mistake as they stick to their style of hard beats and heavy bass in this remix. Were the execs in Miami right to leave them off the bill? We’ll let you decide as you turn up your speakers and jam out to the sounds of Dada. Grab this remix to “Out of My Mind” on BeatPort today!

Out Of My Mind (Dada Life Remix) - Bingo Players


Carl Tricks – Mad Dash (Bingo Players Edit) [RELEASE]

Adding to their impressive list of bangers including Ratte, L’Amour, and Mode, the Bingo Players yet again deliver a massive track. This time remixing Carl Tricks’s “Mad Dash.” After killing at Ultra with a great set this past weekend, I am convinced that this duo is bound for greatness. The people love to rage, and that is exactly what they make us do song after song. Its just something about there music that we have all come to know and love. ENJOY!!

Mad Dash (Bingo Players Edit) - Carl Tricks


Bingo Players @Pacha NYC 3.9.12 [REVIEW]

GET UP!!!. The Bingo Players most certainty did just that on Friday night at Pacha. The club was more packed than a NYC subway at rush hour. Check out BleedHouse’s exclusive photos thanks to Laryssa HERE.  The air was thick, humid from the anticipation for the arrival of the Netherlands dynamite duo, The Bingo Players. The night was young and everyone’s adrenaline started pumping, as the Bingo Players opened their set with ‘Cry (Just a Little),’ a record hard to erase from your mind. The track that ruled the industry; pulsing through clubs, festivals, and hitting mainstream top 40 as if it were a crown to a king.



From the people who brought you Avicii, Lazy Rich, and Artesse, in what many are calling Avicii’s show of the year which took place in Bloomington, Indiana, Bounce Music Festival has teamed up with xtremetrips to introduce a month long event for college spring break that will include some of the biggest DJ’s in the world at the hottest nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta. You’re probably thinking “SHIT, how am I supposed to plan this whole thing”? Well, Bounce and xtremetrips have ticket and flight packages already laid out HERE and HERE. The first phase of artists was announced, and if you know anything about EDM, this should excite you. Headlining is the veteran Paul Oakenfold. In addition to Oakenfold, be ready to be graced by the sounds of Arty,Bingo Players, Savoy, Morgan Page, David Dann, Swanky  Tunes, Tim Mason,dBerrie, David Puentez and more. On top of all this, the one and only Kirill will be capturing the mayhem (the party goes where Kirill goes). Make sure to get your festival package before they’re gone! For more pictures, videos, and information visit the Bounce Music Festival Facebook page  or website. If you prefer twitter, tweet at them: @BounceMusicFest.



 Coming off their success from “Rattle,” the Bingo Players are back at it. Enjoy this brand new release, a remix to Cobra Starships “Middle Finger,” and I promise you wont regret this download. The duo famous for their bootlegs and remixes, add an upbeat synth chord and a MASSIVE drop. Let me know what you think!!!

Middle Finger (Bingo Players Remix) – Cobra Starship



Off of their own Hysteria Records, The Bingo Players come out with a new single called “Rattle.” You know when the Bingo Players put something out that it will always have a unique massive feel to it and this new track does not disappoint. Personally, I love the duo so I might be a bit bias but please listen for yourselves and let me know what you think. 

Rattle (Original Mix) - Bingo Players


Ditsjz (Original Club Mix) - Koen Groeneveld - WOW. Wait till 1:40 in. Have you ever heard a drop funkier than this? 





im in a good mood so what the fuck here are some new bangers to start of your week. you can thank me later. 

Work Hard, Play Hard (Original Mix) – Tiesto feat. Kay - wow new tiesto; absolutely kills it. released today on his Music Freedom label. This ones a must download!!

Party Rock Anthem (Artistic Raw Bootleg) - LMFAO - artistic raw turns the party rock anthem into a party rage anthem. wait for this fucking drop; i love you artistic raw. 

Tomahawk (Original Mix) - Sidney Samson - wait till 30 seconds in and sidney hits you with one of his signiture drops. awesome preview to his next big hit. 

No 1 Disco (Original Mix) - Bingo Players  – like artistic raw, when something comes out from the bingo players, you KNOW its gonna go hard. i highly recommend this one.  


Turn Me On


exactly 1 min into this one you’ll be hearing another afrojack banger. this is as dutch as it gets. preview above and download below. 

Turn Me On (Afrojack Progg’y Remix)


Save The World – AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix - wow im really liking this remix. it brings a new kind of drop to the swedish house classic and im liking it more than most. 

Everybody In The Place (Bingo Players Bootleg) - another bingo bootleg. can never go wrong with these

Kids at the Bar…

Hailing from Oklahoma City, Kids At The Bar is the musical project of Producer/DJ duo Chad “Rad” Raunborg and Matt Buckley. Since their debut remix for friends Trash Yourself, Kids at the Bar have quickly become one of the hottest emerging acts in electronic and house music. They had their own set at Ultra this past year and its theres no telling why. Here is there new bootleg to Bingo’s”Cry.” You’ll loveeee it if your into sick drops and love the Sleepyhead remix if you’re a fan of electronic music. 

Cry Just a Little (Kids at the Bar Bootleg) - Bingo Players

Sleepyhead (Kids at the Bar Remix) – Passion Pit

Wow has hardwell been killing it lately or what?!? He is on a roll right now and he is slowly becoming one of the biggest names when it comes to progressive house. This ones a must download…..

Adrian Lux – Boy (Hardwell Remix)




The Bingo Players are known for many different things; one of them being there ability to release bootlegs, one after the other with the ability to keep each unique and banging. The other was their new single “Cry (Just a Little).” This single was ripping up Beatport charts fresh off its release. Its catchiness, the vocals, and perfect consistency make it a must download for any big house music fan.

Cry (Original Mix) – Bingo Players

When I Dip (Original Mix) – Bingo Players - Listen to this before any big game. If this shit doesn’t pump you up idk what does.

Get On the Move (Original Mix) – Bingo Players - An awesome progressive track, makes me move back and forth every time without fail.

Devotion (Original Mix) – Bingo Players - An old song but another classic from Bingo Players. Wait till the drop at 4, you won’t be disappointed.



Do NOT download this or even bother listening to it if you want to keep your speakers in tact and or if you are not a fan of hardcore dub. It doesn’t get wilder than this. Its like what would be playing if an Autobot was having an affair with a Decepticon.

Drop That Bomb (Original Mix) – Jay Rob, Figure

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