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Electric Daisy Carnival New York 2014 Lineup Revealed [News]


Less than an hour after Mysteryland uncovered the blanket, the lineup for EDC New York was revealed to the public. With even bigger names this year, EDC is making all efforts to trump Electric Zoo as the top festival in the tri-state area. While the zoo has some time to recruit, let’s break down what Insomniac Events has in store for Memorial Day weekend.

There are many familiar names in this year’s group. Superstars Afrojack, Calvin Harris, Carl Cox, and Steve Angello continue to remain faithful since the first edition back in 2012. And while those are some heavy hitters, Insomniac went above and beyond this year stealing Tiesto, Hardwell, Boys Noize, Krewella, Tommy Trash, and Sander van Doorn from Electric Zoo. We’re not sure as to how they managed to pull this one off, but the Randall’s Island faithful are surely in shock right now. With the move back to MetLife Stadium, and all this new added talent, EDC NY is rivaling Mysteryland USA for this coming Memorial Day Weekend. And as the ticket sales start flying, it’s decision time for all of you festival-goers. What’s it going to be? EDC NY or Mysterland USA?


Dog Blood – ID (Jurassic) [Preview]


Skrillex is slowly becoming one of the most hyped up artists in dance music today as he embarks on his current tour with plans to release a stack of new music. One of the hardest ID’s I have heard all year comes in form of the likes of Sonny and Boys Noize better known to us as Dog Blood. This heavy hitter samples Jurassic Park with a vicious roar and has been popping up in both of their sets for the past few months. If this massive track is any indication of things to come from the two we will have a ton to look forward to. Stay tuned!


Major Lazer, Boys Noize & GTA @ Pier 94 NY (12.30.13) [Event + Giveaway]


This coming week, Major Lazer cordially invites you to express yourself at Pier 94. You’ve seen the Instagram pics and clips of how insane ML shows get, but this time they are certainly not the only eye-opening act on the bill, as they are joined by two major acts with Boys Noize and GTA. Known for performing atop his famous Skull, Alex Ridha will be gracing NYC with his presence once again. And after mind-blowing performances at Electric Zoo and Output over the last few months, we expect this Winter appearance to be just as sweet. But don’t sleep on GTA. A duo comprised of Miami natives, Matt and Julio will conclude their blow-up year first with this spectacular NYC show, and then head out West to LA with Boys Noize a day later for the “OMFG!” NYE show.

 If you haven’t already been wowed enough by this lineup to purchase tickets, we are doing an official giveaway for one of our lucky fans. Winner will be notified Thursday December 26th at noon and must be 18 + to enter. All you need to do is comment below with your favorite track by either Boys Noize, GTA, or Major Lazer and you will automatically be entered for a chance to win two tickets. Good Luck!!!



Chromeo – Sexy Socialite (Boyz Noize Remix) [Preview]


Boys Noize takes his shot at trap production in his latest remix to Chromeo’s “Sexy Socialite”. His remix consists of a lot of techno aspects, as you would expected from Ridha. However the song flows surprisingly smoothly, with the combination of Boys Noize techno, and Chromeo lyrics and disco over a trap beat. Far from the original Chromeo single, but incredibly tasteful, which is to be expected of the house music veteran. No word on the release date to this remix as of yet, but make sure to check back with us soon.

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Dog Blood – Middle Finger Pt.2 (EP) [Leak]


Following their formation earlier this year and the release of their incredibly successful first EP entitled “Middle Finger” Dog Blood, A.K.A. Boys Noize and Skrillex’s musical project has exploded. Fortunately for us, their latest EP, “Middle Finger Pt. 2″ a follow up to their debut EP has just leaked. The EP includes “Middle Finger Pt.2″, “Shred Sled”, “Chella Ride” and a few remixes by Millions Like Us, The M Machine and Trapmasters. Dog Blood has become one of the most successful musical projects in the industry, within the past year and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Skrillex is also rumored to have teamed up with world renown electronic music producer Diplo for an additional musical product. Keep an eye out for these two as they are sure to expand the reach of their project within the coming months.


A$AP Rocky feat. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam – Wild For The Night (Dog Blood Remix) [Release]


 Arguably the most polarizing duo in dance music could be Dog Blood featuring Sonny Moore with Alexander Ridha and for good reason. Skrillex & Boys Noize are bringing a new sound to the industry that so direly lacks originality and they seem to have been succeeding selling out shows and festivals worldwide. This remix to Skrillex’s “Wild for the Night” exemplifies the heavy hitting style they have been showcasing in their productions and we only hope to see more from Dog Blood as an EP is well in the works.

A$AP Rocky feat. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam - Wild For The Night (Dog Blood Remix)

Bonus // Dog Blood – ID


Boys Noize – Go Hard EP [Release]

boys-noize-go-hard-copyAlex Ridha aka Boys Noize is taking creativity to another level. The “Go Hard” EP  combines various genres including trap, disco, acidic house and much more. The other tracks on the EP are titled 1.Go Hard 2. Excuse Me 3. Inhale Exhale 4. Starwin 5. Push Em Up and it seems obvious that Dogblood has had an influence on Ridha’s solo productions. The “Go Hard EP” is now out via Boys Noize Records and available for purchase via iTunes.


Dog Blood – Coachella 2013 [Mix]


Skrillex & Boys Noize deliver their 2013 Coachella set to the fans with a free download. The duo who go by ‘Dog Blood’ have been absolutely crushing their latest appearances at both Coachella and Ultra 2013. This energetic mix is filled with everything from Dog Blood ID’s, to house, trap, tech and more from their weekend 2 set at Coachella. Skrill and Alex have been hinting an upcoming EP from Dog Blood and this set is a great sign for things to come for Dog Blood. 


Pet Shop Boys – Axis (Boys Noize Remix) [Release]

voyeur2 033

The iconic Pet Shop Boys return with yet another album, and request that the great Alex Ridha, A.K.A. Boys Noize remix their first track ‘Axis’. The living techno legend put quite the number on the Pet Shop Boys’ premiere track on their album, and turned it into a banging techno monster! His style of production on this remix is different from his latest works on both on his latest album and the Dog Blood project. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.


Pet Shop Boys – Axis (Boys Noize Remix)

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Boys Noize – Ultra Music Festival 15.03.13 (Live Set) [Review]

Ultra_2013_Concert_Review_Boys_NoizeAs weekend one of UMF fifteen comes to an end, artists and fans prepare for the party filled week ahead. While music entusiasts and spectators pick and chose events to attend in the coming days, their impressions of weekend one will surely influence their decision making. With his unforgettable performance on day one of Ultra 15, German producer, Alex Ridha A.K.A Boys Noize, made quite the impact on spectators. For an hour and forty five minutes Boys Noize had everyone in attendance going wild. His performance encompassed a flurry of exotic light shows, his unique skull stage that he rose from and last but not least a vicious Daft-Punk-esque set. The heart stopping bass and euphoric synths of Alex’s loud and melodic tunes had the stage shaking. Ridha’s set was composed mainly of Boys Noize originals and remixes and mixed with extreme precision and style. Surely my favorite performance of the weekend, definitely planning on attending more of his performances this WMC.

Boys Noize – Ultra Music Festival 15.03.13 (Live Set)

01.  Boys Noize – Ich R U[BOYSNOIZE] 
02. Boys Noize – What You Want [BOYSNOIZE]
03. Boys Noize – Kontact Me 
04. Boys Noize – Jeffer 
05. ID 
06. Boys Noize – XTC [BOYSNOIZE]
07. Boys Noize – Oh! 
08. Boys Noize – Reality 
09. Boys Noize – Ich R U (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)[BOYSNOIZE] 
10. Boys Noize – My Head (Para One Remix) 
11. ID 
12. Boys Noize – Yeah [BOYSNOIZE] w/  Chemical Brothers – Swoon 
13. ID 
14. Seamus Haji & Nelski – Hey Boy Hey Girl [RISING]
15. Jed Harper & Dzeko & Torres – Diamond Rings (Michael Woods Edit) [PROVOKE]
16. Steve Forest & Nicola Fasano & Safran D!5co – Sunrise (Die Hoerer Remix) [JOLLY ROGER]
17. ID 
18. JoeySuki – Kiwistick [REVEALED]
19. Christian Burns & Maison & Dragen – Perfectly [ZOUK (ARMADA)]

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Kavinsky – Protovision (Boys Noize Remix)


One of the most knowledgable veteran producers in the game today, Alexander Ridha A.K.A Boys Noize recently previewed his latest remix to Kavinsky’s track “Protovision” and it’s an absolute BOMB! Following the release of his recent album “Out Of The Black” the German Born artist has been working on his collaborative group “Dog Blood” along with mega producer Skrillex which accounts for his lack of recent original tracks, but man does this remix make up for time lost. This is quite the year for Ridha, I look forward to whats to come!

Kavinsky – Protovision (Boys Noize Remix)

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Boys Noize – Out Of The Black [ALBUM RELEASE]

Boys Noize has always been one of the most noteworthy producers in the EDM industry, despite his lack of major publicity Alex Ridha lets his music speak for itself, and it makes quite a statement. The German born producer does not fall under any particular genre or category of EDM, because nearly every song he produces varies completely from his previous. However one thing you can always rely on from Boys Noize is a slew of  highly detailed synth heavy tracks, and he has delivered  exactly that on this album. Ridha is always developing his production techniques and changing up the style of his music from track to track, constantly showing his devotion to music. Boys Noize is the last of a dying breed of producer, who isn’t afraid to experiment and think outside of the box. My favorite tracks on the album would have to be “What You Want” a great intro to Ridha’s new collection of bangers, “Rocky 2″ a bass heavy monster of a track, “Reality” a very funky mix of old and new school, his collaboration “Got It” with hip hop legend Snoop Dog, and last but not least, “Merlin” this masterpiece  truly showcases Boys Noize’s creativity and originality. One of my favorite albums in a while, Bravo!

Purchase it on Beatport Here

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Boys Noize Feat. Snoop Dogg – Got It (Original Mix)

Boys Noize has always been synonomous for his unique and killer sounds to each and every one of his productions. This past year has been a big one for the German native as he teamed up with Skrillex to form the group Dog Blood which put out the 2 track EP back in August and now Boys Noize is preparing for his latest album release titled “Out of the Black” due on October 8th. One of the only collaborations on the album includes vocals from non other than Snoop Dogg. “I made a really fucking cool track with Snoop Dogg and it’s the only collaboration on the album,” says Boys Noize. “I don’t like to have cheesy vocals on my songs, so we made one one rap track and one house track.” Let me know what you think of this track and stay tuned for the full album release out in the U.S. on October 8th. 

Got It (Original Mix)  - Boys Noize Feat. Snoop Dogg


Dog Blood A.K.A (Skrillex & Boys Noize)- Next Order / Middle Finger EP [RELEASE]

With the world’s most popular EDM trio know as the Swedish House Mafia calling it quits the industry was left without a collaborative tag team of super producers. Opening up the spot light for a new duo/ group to irrupt, and this new combination of artists currently has the EDM world in shock and awe. Skrillex a pioneer in the genre of dubstep, and Boys Noize a veteran Techno icon combined to bring us a brand new style of EDM and they go by the name of Dog Blood. This funky, sound is definitely an unexpected breath of fresh air in an industry recently flooded with unoriginal, similar sounding tracks and projects. I’m excited to see this duo grow together and see what they bring us in the coming months. Loving this EP give it a listen and let us know what you think. DOG BLOOD!

Middle Finger (Original Mix) - Dog Blood 

Next Order (Original Mix) - Dog Blood

- Jonka / Yordy