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Daft Punk ft. Jay Z – Computerized [Unreleased]


This mysterious collaboration between Jay Z and Daft Punk, titled “Computerized” surfaced late last night and has caused a complete stir in the music world. Word has it that the legendary producers partnered up with HOV to produce a single for the Tron soundtrack, which was ultimately never used. No word on how the track became available to the public or if its even a real collabo for that matter but stay tuned for updated and enjoy the download in the meantime.

Daft Punk ft. Jay Z – Computerized 

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Pharrell Williams – Gust of Wind (Ft. Daft Punk) [Preview]


With his highly anticipated album less than a week away, we finally have a glimpse of Pharrell’s second solo album in  ‘G I R L’. It’s been common knowledge that Daft Punk would return the favor with a collaboration on his album and “Gust of Wind” certainly lives up to the hype. Pharrell is in the prime of his career and ‘G I R L’ is bound to put him over the top. Let us know what you think of this latest hit with the robots, and be sure to check back in on March 3rd for the full release of what is sure to be a monumental album.

Pharrell Williams – G I R L (iTunes Pre-order)


Daft Punk wins big at 2014 Grammys [News]

Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers(Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)


Daft Punk represented dance music in style at the 56th annual 2014 Grammys Sunday night after taking home Record of the Year for their hit single “Get Lucky” followed by Album of the Year for “Random Access Memories.” The robots remained quiet after the wins setting the stage for both Pharrell and Paul Williams to accept with speeches on their behalf. Guy-Manuel and Thomas also put on their second TV performance ever performing “Get Lucky” to the delight of dance music faithfuls around the globe.

Other notable electronic awards which were handed out before the show went out to Zedd for the Best Dance Recording with Foxes on “Clarity” and Cedric Gervais after his massive remix to Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness.” Lets hope next year is an even bigger one for dance music at the Grammys as it continues to grow and gain respect amongst the music industry’s finest artists. 




Daft Punk To Perform Alongside Stevie Wonder At The Grammys [News]


According to Rolling Stone, set to air on CBS January 26th, Daft Punk will be performing live on the 56th Annual Grammy Awards show. The mysterious duo has been out of sight since the release of their ground breaking album, Random Access Memories. The album has gotten them five Grammy award nominations including Album of the Year, Best Dance/Electronica Album, and Best Pop/Group performance for the breakthrough single “Get Lucky.” The lucrative performance will be a collaboration with the Legendary Stevie Wonder, and will also include Pharrell, Nile Rodgers, who both perform on the album, as well was session players Chris Caswell, Nathan East, Omar Hakim and Paul Jackson Jr. Being their first performance since 2008, we are all anticipating this to be one for the books, so be sure to tune in!


Daft Punk tours Amsterdam with Ron Burgundy [Video]


During this past week’s EMA’s, Will Ferrell took over as his famous Anchorman alias in the clueless Ron Burgundy. Among some of the EDM stints at this year’s MTV Awards was Eminem’s infamous yet hilarious “Who?” reply to Ron’s provocation of Afrojack “talking shit” about the elite rapper. After a picture surfaced of Ron and Daft Punk riding a bike, we finally get the full tour of Ron with the “two inexplicable continentals from space.” Peep the full clip below and enjoy.




Could Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’ be the collaboration with Daft Punk? [Live Preview]


Last night Kanye made a guest appearance on SNL to perform two forthcoming tracks off of his new highly anticipated album titled ‘Yeezus’ due out on June 18th. He went off on two live performances including “New Slaves” which has been affiliated with the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Hit Boy and more. He also previewed his massive rumored collaboration with Daft Punk known as ‘Black Skinhead’. “He was rapping – kind of screaming primally” said Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter of the production, and this track seems to have fit that bill. Wether DP contributed to its production a small amount or it was a full forced collaboration between the two industries giants, ‘Black Skinhead’ a long with Kanye’s entire upcoming album are sure to achieve platinum status. Stay tuned for more on this album as Skrillex has also been confirmed to have contributed to ‘Yeezus’. 


Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ leaks ahead of May 21st release date [News]


Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories has been one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year and was bound to pop up prematurely. RAM’s early leak ahead of its May 21st release date comes as no surprise. It is to be somewhat expected that in this day and age, a musical album with so much demand will find it’s way through the grape vine one way or another. Although the quality’s low, we couldn’t help streaming this masterpiece.

Stream Now via iTunes

> Download Random Access Memories (Unreleased) ⎪ Download ‘RAM’ (Alternative Link)

The album as expected utilizes actual instruments rather than the typical synthesizers and generic sounds we’ve become so used to in the past few years. Daft Punk offers us an alternative to what we have come to know as EDM. Perhaps it is deserving of a more significant genre or category in and of itself. Although some of the tracks may be slightly slower paced than some may have expected, the quality of every single track is impecable.With every move in this entire ordeal it’s almost necessary to ask yourself the question of whether this leak could have been some what intentional…. perhaps another elaborate move by “The Robots”, or just the desperate urge of some fans craving new Daft Punk. Let us know what you think of this masterpiece of an album and be sure show them real support by purchasing it on May 21st via iTunes.

- Jonka & Yordy

Daft Punk speaks with Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1


  The legendary duo known as none other than Daft Punk sat down with one of the biggest names in the dance music industry and the head of BBC Radio 1 in Pete Tong backstage at this years Coachella. We now have the full stream below which features an awesome interview covering plenty of topics including Random Access Memories, and the producing behind their acclaimed tracks. Peep the stream below and finally try to appreciate the voices behind the masks. 


Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky (Radio Edit) [Release]

daft-punk-get-lucky-122After weeks of teasing fans with some over the top brilliant marketing, we can finally say that Daft Punk is back. The robots from France have officially released the first single off their upcoming album Random Access Memories titled “Get Lucky” a long with legendary guitarist Nile Rodgers, and Pharrell Williams with the soothing feel good vocals. Now available for purchase on iTunes, BeatPort and Spotify. Let us know your thoughts and stay tuned because by the looks of it, Daft Punk has much more in store for the fans.

Get Lucky (Radio Edit) - Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams


Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories” Launch Party To Take Place At Australia’s Wee Waa Agricultural Show May 17th [News]


Legendary production duo, Daft Punk has had house music fans on the fence for the past few months, anxiously awaiting the release of their newest album “Random Access Memories.” As news regarding the album progressively disseminates throughout the music industry, excitement continues to build amongst Guy and Thomas’s millions of fans. Random Access Memories is set to be released on May 21st via Columbia Records. However the newest piece of information regarding the album was revealed earlier today, Daft Punk has just announced their global launch party will take place at Australia’s anual “Wee Waa” agricultural festival on May 17th.

The location is somewhat unconventional, but definitely unique to say the least. Only 4,000 tickets will be sold to the agricultural festival on The Crossing Theatre’s website, starting this Friday, April  12th. According to Wee Waa’s local news site, they will host a playback of the album from a purpose built stage.

The duo reportedly decided to host the launch party of their newest album in a town with a population of less than 2,100, because they were attracted by the CSIRO Australian telescope, and countless Satellite dishes. If you don’t have the cash to shell out for a flight to Australia, and some Wee Waa tickets as some Daft Punk mega fans have already started planning, be sure to stay tuned to BleedHouse on May 21st for the release and review of “Random Access Memories.”

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Daft Punk Confirmation of 13 New Tracks Registered With Sony [News]

urlDespite all the new material coming out of WMC in Miami, Florida this week, the absent Daft Punk duo still manages to make headlines. It has been confirmed once and for all today, that 13 tracks have been officially registered by the notorious EDM group known as Daft Punk with Sony Music. 

After an extremely prolonged period of teasers and rumors, hard evidence has at last surfaced to ensure the release of a new album from the French duo. Earlier today the Twitter handel @EDM released a snapshot of an online registration form that included 13 new Daft Punk tracks. Although the names of the songs still remain unknown, their lengths have been made public.

The news comes as a relief to many, following an upsetting display of counterfeit posters at SXSW in Austin, Texas last week with the date March 15th on them. In the past few months rumors spurred by forged documents and teasers have flooded the media. However it appears that fans have finally learned to await confirmation, from legitimate sources before believing what they hear.


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Daft Punk leaves EMI for Sony’s Columbia Records [News]


The infamous duo hailing from France known none other than Daft Punk is back in action! According to  Le Parisien, the two dance music legends have decided to leave Virgin / EMI (whom they have released their past three albums with) and will be making the move to Sony’s Columbia Records for the eventual release of their fourth album which will according to sources be out in 2013. Columbia Records has really established themselves as a dance music empire coming off of signing Depeche Mode as well last week.

I wouldn’t be banking on a Spring release date for Daft Punk’s 4th album but now we know for sure that production is underway and things are starting to come together and fans couldn’t be more excited as we have been dreaming for some new material from the duo. In the meantime, enjoy this throwback essential mix as we anticipate a massive upcoming year for Daft Punk.




One of the big tracks that SHM played at MSG included the debut of “Quasar,” Hard Rock Sofa’s upcoming banger off of Axtone. Here is a HQ rip of the mashup of Quasar with “Coming Home” and Daft Punks “Aerodynamic.” This track has been on repeat for me and I am sure you will enjoy this massive tune as much as I do and be sure to check back for the full release of Quasar!!

Quasar w Coming Home w Daft Punk – Aerodynamic

(Hard Rock Sofa – Swedish House Mafia)


another day.. another romero bomb…

 When you see an artist on bleedhouse more than a few times per week you KNOW hes killing it. Nicky does it again with his remix of daft punks famous “Aerodynamic.” Have a listen and I promise this bootleg will not disappoint; this is a MUST DOWNLOAD. Keep it up Nicky!!! 

Aerodynamic (Nicky Romero Bootleg) - Daft Punk


Start Your Weekend Derezzed!

The summer Jam Drezzed, originally composed by the duo known as none other than Daft Punk (the originators and veterans of the electro house game) was then edited by the new age king of all things that having to do with house….. Avicii, and it just gets better, finally he has song added some dope lyrics and it sounds like this track has the potential to be his next big mainstream hit, enjoy and get drezzed, you heard it here first!

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Avicii Vocal Edit)

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Who Run the World???


Yeah so what i’m letting Beyonce headline. She’s so fucking hot and Kaskade kills this remix. Its as catchy as Beyonce’s original and Kaskade puts his twist on it and makes it flow beautifully.  “Air Drums” and “Better Wipe that Up” are two new hits which you must listen to in full. Then we have a Daft Punk dubstep remix and a solid remix of Michaels classic “Dirty Diana.” ENJOY

Run The World (Girls) (Kaskade Club Mix) – Beyonce

Air Drums (Original Mix) – Albin Myers

Better Wipe That Up (Original Mix) – Lazy Rich

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Dubtron Bootleg) – Daft Punk

Dirty Diana (DJ Dlg Lazor Mix) – Michael Jackson