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David Guetta @ Marquee NY (02.06.13) [Review]


The newly revamped Marquee NY has already established itself as one of the go to venues on Wednesday nights and the weekend. Tomorrow night they will be graced with the likes of Tiesto and a few weeks back I was lucky enough to catch the superstar Frenchman known as David Guetta. David has always been that DJ that a majority of fans here in the U.S. will consider a mainstream pop like figure. Although you can’t deny that many of his sets include the likes of common EDM anthems, one must u understand that this is what David Guetta does best. His fans adore him for it and are always raging despite the constant stating that he is a sellout by most house music snobs. As long as EDM pours into the mainstream like it did this past year, David’s popularity will continue to rise around the world and he should be given credit for how he markets his vision for EDM.


David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Oval [PREVIEW]

Following their extremely successful first single together “Metropolis” Nicky Romero & David Guetta have teamed up yet again to bring us another banger! The popular track has been played for months now by numerous DJ’s and has gained popularity simply as “The new Nicky & Guetta collaboration” has been named “Oval”. it’s not so often that two big name producers team up multiple times in one year, but Romero and Guetta seem to have a certain chemistry and are  even beginning to develop their own sound together. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more collaborative work from them soon. Oval is set to be released in the coming weeks off of Protocol Recordings, stay tuned!

One Love


David Guetta, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne – I Can Only Imagine (David Guetta & R3hab Remixes) [RELEASE]

Despite constant criticism, David Guetta has still managed to impress me and most of the EDM community with his productions. He still has a great feel for the house game and knows just what a crowd wants to hear. This time he remixes “I Can only Imagine” out via What A Music along with a remix from R3hab. Personally, both of these takes take care of my music needs, as Guetta goes house and R3hab actually brings some electro wobble. Let me know which remix you prefer, and ENJOY!!

I Can Only Imagine (David Guetta & Daddy’s Groove Remix)

I Can Only Imagine (R3hab Remix)


David Guetta ft. Nicky Romero – Metropolis [RELEASE]

Even though I strongly dislike Guetta’s disloyal move from house music to pop, I must commend the man he knows who to produce with, and once in a while can kick out a couple of sick tracks. This is his new collaboration with Nicky Romero called Metropolis, it was originally  debuted in Albany on February 2nd and is a mouthwatering banger! This beat is massive and will definitely help out Guetta’s street cred in the househead community this year. In regards to Nicky, when the fuck does this kid ever make a track that is anything less than perfect? We knew he was going to be a star and is definitely on his way there. There is no doubt in my mind this is going to be one of the anthems of this year; And after some troubles on BeatPort yesterday, we have finally gotten our hands on this beauty.ENJOY!!

Download: Metropolis (Original Mix) - David Guetta & Nicky Romero

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Wild One Two – Jack Back Ft. David Guetta, Nicky Romero, & Sia [RELEASE]

Theres a lot of people collaborating on this track, and I gotta tell you that I wouldn’t have guessed it was any of them off the top of my head.  This production is extremely funky, I love the lyrics and the progressive flow, it’s so unlike Nicky Romero to produce a song like this one but it has a crazy amount of flavor and different sounds, which i’m sure all of these producers contributed to. Nicky has really blown up this past year and has become one of the biggest names in house music, by putting out tons of epic bangers, theres no telling what to expect from him. Give this new release a listen let us know what you think!

Wild One Two (Original Mix)

BONUS  : Stronger (What Doesnt Kill You) (Nicky Romero Remix) -Now this is a classic Nicky track, he turns this whack pop song and turns it into a certified banger.

One Love 


Wild Ones (David Guetta & Nicky Romero Remix) [PREVIEW]

Nicky Romero the up and coming dutch star teams up with “the number one” DJ in the world David Guetta to give us a remix to Flo-Rida and Sia’s track “Wild Ones.” This remix takes out Flo-Ridas lyrics and just keeps Sia’s amazing vocals. Guetta and Romero and unlikely duo turn this into an electro banger filled with perfect synths, chords, and basslines. Let me know what you think of this preview and be sure to check back in for its full download and release. ENJOY!



As a fan favorite here at bleedhouse, you know that when the young Swede puts anything new out, we will have it for you. Today Alesso finally gives us “Raise Your Head,” off of Refune Records, and his remix to David Guetta’s “Titanium.” You can see how talented this kid is by how diverse yet amazing both of these massive tunes are. He is keeping the roll he was on this summer with tracks like Calling and Heiress of Valentina and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Keep it up Alesso, were with you all the way! ENJOY!

Raise Your Head (Original Mix) - Alesso

Titanium (Alesso Remix) - David Guetta ft. Sia


All You Paris (Kaskade Mash-Up)

This has been a big week for Kaskade, the American Mega DJ as he previewed his remix to “Sending My Love” and it already sounds like a chart topper. But he hasn’t just stopped there, earlier this week Kaskade also made a mash-up called “All You Paris” consisting of his classic “All You” and David Guetta’s long time favorite “Paris”, it comes together pretty nicely I’m loving this one, instant club hit. If you are looking to skim through a blog and download a banger to listen to play at a pregame for your Saturday night, this would definitely be it, enjoy!!

One Love


Berries anyone?

WOW another amazing banger sent to us by the man himself, Mr.Berrie has been putting out banger after banger of his signature flow and they’ve all been hot so far. Cant wait to see Berrie go global, hes gonna be a phenomenon. With hits this year such as his remixes of Red Carpet’s “Alright”, “Rolling in the Deep”, David Guetta’s “Titanium” and last but not least this monster of a dance music track, Stellar Project- “Strong (dBerrie Remix)” Available for free download, This track is fire!!!! enjoy

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For those of you who aren’t aware we are huge fans of David Berrie and have been posting his music since we began bleed house, his style is unlike that of any other DJ. His earlier hits were more of a dance music feel, but this one strikes some emotion, almost like its half way between a dance music and progressive track. This remix is my favorite to date, the vocals mesh with Berrie’s style so smoothly, he should have produced the original….. sorry David G your tracks been replaced by Mr.Berrie THIS ONE IS A BANGER!

One Love


Without You – THE REMIXES

Good morning to everyone on this fine thursday morning. Yesterday was kinda slow with new releases but R3hab’s remix to David Guetta’s Without You definitely compensates for that. Its not even 10 am and I’m bumping this shit. Usher’s lyrics are catchy, but on the original beat the song was very slow and melodic. R3hab puts his dirty dutch influence on this song and makes it a banger. Just in case R3hab isn’t what you like I included the original and another fast paced remix by Lyrakill.

 Without You (R3hab Remix)

Without You (Feat. Usher)

Without You [Ft. Usher] (Lyrakill Remix)

- Sammy Z


Ahhhhh, the swedes take Guettas “Little Bad Girl” and dadafuck the shit out of it. Coming off the exclusive Dada Life Guerilla Fart series the boys say “We took David Guetta and put him in our special meat grinder. This is the result. Serve with shitloads of hot sauce,” and I agree completely. I predict big things for duo especially if they continue on the roll their on. Let us know what you think!

 Download on Zippy || Download on MediaFire

| Little Bad Girl (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #13) – David Guetta |



What a weekend. Almost every DJ killed it at Electric Zoo @Randalls Island NY and bleedhouse has got you covered with a full review! Be sure to download the new live sets and check out their tracklists. My personal favorites were Afrojack, and Alesso this weekend. Who were yours? ENJOY

-team bleedhouse




Biggest summer anthem of the year? I think so. Avicii and Guetta team up to give us “Sunshine,” wow an amazing track which gives you the feel of Avicii more than David. The progressive buildup hits you with a drop that you know will make your last weeks of summer worth it. Enjoy!

Sunshine - David Guetta & Avicii

BONUS- 2 new guetta tracks . let me know what you think!

Paris - David Guetta

Glasgow - David Guetta



From Guetta’s upcoming album “Nothing But the Beat,” due to be released Aug29th comes he and Afrojacks HIGHLY anticipated new track “Lunar.” With amazing synths and a bomb drop, we can see what Guetta can actually do when he is focusing on house music rather than his mainstream pop. ENJOY

Lunar (Original Mix) - David Guetta, Afrojack


Next Radio Hit

Anything David Guetta touches immediately turns into gold. He is a talented DJ and producer that has connections beyond belief and with those connections he has the ability to attract the best collaboration artists to appear on his songs. For his upcoming album, Nothing but the Beat, which is rumored to be available August 29th, two members of YMCMB will be appearing on a track called “I Can Only Imagine.” They fucking kill it. The vocals of Chris Brown combined with the rhyming skills of famous rap artist Lil Wayne create an ambiance of true hip-house (hip-hop + house = hip-house). This song is definitely going to be a radio hit.

A Lil Extra:
-Sammy Z


Hello (Awiin Remix) - Martin Solveig ft Dragonette  - a very catchy, very good remix of the famous “Hello,” couldnt find any info on the producer so if anyone does let me know!

You Used To Hold Me (Promise Land MashUp) - David Guetta & Calvin Harris  - SICKKK mashup of calvins “Hold Me” and david guetta’s “Little Bad Girl”, must download!!

Love Right Now (Sandro Silva Remix) - Ricky Blaze - sandro silva is rising up. with help from laid-back luke he releases his new remix. a dutch electro banger. enjoy



Mashups usually wont be featured on Bleedhouse but I thought this was just too good to go without a post. 5 & A Dime combines Skrillex and Deadmau5 into one banger. Go ahead try to categorize this one, don’t worry ill wait…….

*Skrillmau5 - 5 & A Dime*

Satisfaction (J.Rabbit Bootleg) - Benny Benassi - CRAZY new dubstep remix of the famous satisfaction.

Little Bad Girl (Instrumental Club Version) - David Guetta ft. Taio Cruz - New Guetta without the vocals. Still goes very hard.


ION. Energy. Boom.


D.I.M. and Tai have been complimenting each other so well over the past few years that everything they release seems to be a hit. Ion does not disappoint. I LOVE this track and highly recommend the download. Although it may be a little too difficult to fit into a DJ’s set; it could very well make the party go wild. Let me know what you think

Ion (Original Mix) – D.I.M. & Tai

Nobody Loves Me (Hardwell Remix) – Bella - What seems like a soothing progressive song with great vocals turns into a banger. Hardwell does it again!

Sombrita (Lauer & Canard ft Greg Note Remix) – Wawa - Something about this track makes me believe I’m chilling on the shores of South Beach sipping on a Pina Colada; and I’m loving it. Must download for the summertime.

Pandemonium (Original Mix) – David Guetta & Afrojack feat. Carmen - Nothing special here, although it does merit posting since it includes Afro and Guetta, and it is pretty catchy. Have a listen.

With Love,