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The most sought-after party of WMC is here: mau5trap vs PRYDA [Event]

mau5trap vs PRYDA
Our mau5 ears shot straight up when we first caught wind of this elusive event just over a week ago via twitter. The mau5trap account tweeted a flyer that simply read “mau5trap vs PRYDA 03.27.14″ and left us all in a whirlwind as we were already scurrying to make a decision on what event to attend that night. Amongst all of the amazing lineups planned for that day, this one solidified the deal. The party will be held at a pop up arena at Ice Palace Studios in Downtown Miami from 10PM to 5AM, with no further details revealed, just a hint that there will be “special gue5ts.” We can only speculate that the record label head honchos deadmau5 and Eric Prydz will be in attendance. Will the current artists such as Hot Mouth, Tommy Trash, or Nom De Strip be going against Pryda friends Fehrplay and Jeremy Olander? Will they be spinning b2b? Perhaps testpilot will go back to back with Cirez D? We can’t wait to find out. Tickets for the 21+ event will go on sale Monday March 10th via Wantickets, in the meantime, peep some brand new Deadmau5 as he experiments with his techno moniker in Testpilot.


Deadmau5 playing a free show @ Ice Palace, Miami (02.15.14) [Event]

dm5  After voicing his distaste for high ticket prices and catering to a VIP table service crowd in Miami for his New Years day show at Mansion, he was invited to return to the city to perform a free show sponsored by Club Space. Presented by ampm and Jedi Kollective, deadmau5 will return to play at Ice Palace in downtown Miami. This 21+ venue will have a capacity for 4,000 guests. Registration begins today, January 28 at 2 pm ET via The free tickets will be charged a $1 processing fee, and those proceeds will go to Miami Children’s Hospital. Major props to Joel for looking out for his fans, as well as for his charitable actions. Good karma for 2014!


Deadmau5 has fans begging for more with his latest teaser in ‘drop the poptart’


 Deadmau5 has taken his soundcloud uploads to a new level with this preview of ‘drop the poptart’. Along with Colleen D’Agostino from “The Material” on the vocals, this production actually gave me serious goosebumps. Joel brings his A+ game on this track and has fans begging for more as this 3 minute teaser does no justice to the potential complete production we could expect to see later on. Stay tuned for more from Mau5 as he continues to tease us with masterful works in preparation for his upcoming tour and eventual album.


Deadmau5 previews ‘Coelacanth’, remixes himself with ‘fck a coelacanth’ and ‘My Pet Coelacanth’


Another day, another pair of teasers from the master of production Joel Zimmerman. First Deadmau5 previews ‘Coelacanth’ a tribal sort of track which he categorizes as ‘NearlyExtinctStep’. Only 5 hours later he decided that it would need a remix and proceeded with previewing a gem of a track in ‘fck a coelacanth’. This is an exciting time for the loyal fans of Mau5 with all of this new material. Coming of tracks like Suckfest9001, Suite 002, You there? and more, we can only hope that an upcoming album is on the horizon. *Updated with another rework in “My Pet Coelacanth.”


Deadmau5 – Suite 02 [Preview]


   With every day that passes, eager Mau5heads become more and more thirsty for a new album from the production legend that is Deadmau5. ‘Suite 02′ is another teaser to what could be Joel’s greatest intro work since ‘Strobe’. Despite recent controversy and constant criticism of “EDM” by Deadmau5, the man clearly backs up his talk with legendary music as ‘Suite 02′ is the latest teaser from the bunch of previews he has been uploading for his eager yet loyal fans. Stay tuned for more as the king of Meowingtons continues to impress and let us all pray for an upcoming album from Deadmau5 as we have no doubt that it will be something special. 


Deadmau5 – Suckfest9001 / You there? [Preview]


Amid all the controversy and rumors regarding his recent breakup with Kat Von D, Deadmau5 goes back to what he does best and previews two more new phenomenal productions in “Suckfest9001″ and “You there?” These two tracks just serve as a reminder to his attention to detail and masterful ear for music as Joel prepares the foundation for another album in the works. Let us know which track you prefer and check back for more from Joel as he continues to prove to be a man amongst boys in the electronic music industry. 


Deadmau5 – Suite 03 [Preview]


Just a couple of weeks back, Joel Zimmerman previewed his latest track “Satellite”, and today we continue to see what he’s been working on in the studio. “Suite 03″, while just a standard two-minute preview, portrays Deadmau5 going back to his older style, this time with a “drop not included”, and a melody that could stand on its own. Ever since releasing his “>album title goes here<” album this past September, there seems to be a new-found love for Mau5. As the man who truly speaks his mind making one controversial statement after another, there is a quality this producer has that keeps a dedicated fan-base begging for more. “Suite 03″ shows just one of the many sides of Deadmau5, and we cannot wait for the full release.


Deadmau5 – Satellite [Preview]


  Deadmau5 teases us with a Kat Von D collabo titled “Satellite.” This is only a rough draft and the intro but from the sounds of it, we have a lot to look forward to in this next masterpiece from Joel. He begins with a energetic buildup and then switches it up with the smooth beautifully orchestrated drop. Let me know what you think and stay tuned for more as this track gets closer towards completion.



Hakkasan LV & Wet Republic Announce Memorial Day Weekend Lineups [News]

hakkasan-trio With the Vegas pool party season approaching, Hakkasan Las Vegas and Wet Republic recently announced their Memorial Day lineup and it’s nothing short of incredible. After spending millions of dollars to book these elite DJ’s for residencies (including Deadmau5′s reported 20 million dollar deal), it seems like everything is finally coming together for Hakkasan LV. People across the globe travel to Sin City for this  monumental weekend to kick off their sun-filled Summers, and what better way to do so than with the best DJ’s in the world? The party kicks off on Thursday, May 23rd with Laidback Luke at Hakassan followed by R3hab and Tommy Trash at Wet Republic the next day. Talents like Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris are all on board as well, and the almighty fan-favorite Hardwell closes the holiday weekend on Monday the 27th at Hakkasan. Tickets for both event series go on sale Wednesday, April 24th. 

Las Vegas’ summer party scene is only getting stronger as the DJ’s flock from Ibiza to the new higher end venues such as Light (by Cirque Du Soleil) and Hakkasan.  It looks like Vegas is finally right up there in terms of being the dance music capital of the world. Be sure to grab your tickets ASAP if you plan on beging in LV this summer!

-Du Schwa


Deadmau5 – Album Title Goes Here (Unreleased)

Our favorite musical genius Deadmau5 has struck once again with his newest album, “Album Title Goes Here”. Knowing Deadmau5, you probably know exactly what kind of amazingness you’re in for before you even start listening to his tracks- or actually, the best part might be that you never really do know what you’re in for. Deadmau5 provides us with a variety tracks that are all quite different from one another and that are each mastered to perfection, showcasing his ability to master various styles . There are of course the bassfilled bangers  like “Superliminal” that will consequently have you get up and start raving wherever you might be at that moment, and then there are also the soothing, melodic tracks (think “Strobe”-like) that have you want to close your eyes and simply listen. Additionally, this album features a special collaboration with world-renowned Imogen Heap that does not fall into the genre of house, yet is still a beautiful track worth listening to. Make sure to download each track and let us know what you think! Enjoy!

Deadmau5 – There Might Be Coffee (Original Mix)

Deadmau5 – Closer (Original Mix)

Deadmau5 – Fn Pig (Original Mix)

Deadmau5 – Superliminal (Original Mix)

Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42 (Original Mix)

Deadmau5 feat. Imogen Heap – Telemiscommunications (Original Mix)

Deadmau5 – Take Care Of The Properwork (Original Mix)

Deadmau5 – October (Original Mix)



Deadmau5 – The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix) [RELEASE]

Recently Deadmau5 has been producing a number of funky tracks such as Fn Pig, and The Veldt which have caught my ear, as well as  other electro music enthusiasts who do not typically seem to take a liking to his type of music. On the other hand Tommy Trash has quickly proven himself in the EDM industry throughout the past two years, releasing banger after banger and quickly rising to become one of the top names in Electro House. His ability to manipulate any track and turn it into a synth-like symphony is absolutely incredible. It only seems fit that the new king of electro take advantage of one of Deadmau5′s recent hits and turn it into a masterpiece. Yes the original was a great track but Tommy seems to have added the extra detail and excitement it required.

Release Date: 2012-06-24

Deadmau5 – The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix)

One Love


Deadmau5 – The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix) [PREVIEW]

After Deadmau5′s release of “The Veldt,” I found it hard to believe that anyone could top the masterpiece. A long comes our fan favorite Tommy Trash and gives us his electro take to the Veldt and although I can’t say it outdoes the original, it sure as hell comes close. This HQ rip (via house4dj) comes straight from Pete Tong’s essential mix, so we are still waiting for an official preview and release date for the track via Mau5trap Records. Stay tuned!!


Deadmau5 – Fn Pig (Original Mix) [PREVIEW]

One of my absolute favorite new Mau5 tracks. He recently put up a few new previews on his SoundCloud and “Fn Pig” caught my attention the most. His originality and skill is evident, and Joel is constantly teasing us with new productions. Deadmau5 is sort of the “peoples” DJ. We all have come to know and love his music and mostly because he has avoided the mainstream signature that many producers we hear today have been attaching to. P.s. – If you live in NYC and have enough pull, you should stop by Provocateur tonight as he is set to spin alongside DJ Nvm. ENJOY!!!

Fn Pig (Original Mix) - Deadmau5


Deadmau5 – The Veldt [PREVIEW]

 Deadmau5 is really beginning to develop as one of the master minds in the game today. The detail and originality of his productions are the reasons why he has such a big fan base and “The Veldt” is a testament to that. This beautiful track is a preview of what is to come on Joel’s “Veldt EP” which is due to be released June 25th. Until then kick back, turn up your speakers, and ENJOY!!

The Veldt – Deadmau5


Deadmau5 – Maths (Original Mix) [RELEASE]

Its pretty rare to see Deadmau5 putting out new releases now a days, but when he does you know it is going to be big. Cthulu dreams was my personal favorite mau5 production, until today. Off of Mau5trap comes his new hit “Maths.” Most of you have probably heard this track as he has been banging it in tours dating back all the way to Ultra of last year, and now we have the official release. The detail, energy, and powerful synths in “Maths” are a testament to how great of a producer Deadmau5 still is. ENJOY!!

Maths (Original Mix) – Deadmau5



DEADMAU5 @ Pier 36 NYE 2012

For those of you who will be in New York on this coming New Years Eve, your decision of where to celebrate just got that much harder. The legendary Deadmau5, who made a couple of appearances  in New York earlier this year at venues such as Provocateur and Roseland Ballroom will return to the Big Apple this New Years Eve at NYC’s Pier 36 and you can bet its gonna be fucking wild!! Get your tickets and table reservations now at  before they’re all gone!! You can be sure to see us there raving our faces off.


For specific info on each ticket please continue reading


Strobe (Special Features Remix)

Im fucking obsessed with this special features remix of “Strobe” by the legendary Deadmau5, its a little bit shorter, sweeter and to the point. This remix is alot more of a club banger than the original version and the extra element Deadmau5 is missing, i gotta say i’m really loving this one, and it’s electronic piano. Special features really killed this one enjoy!

Strobe (Special Features Remix) - Deadmau5

One Love



When it seems like Deamau5 has been hiding for a good amount of time, you know he’s been preparing to release sounds that are nothing less of genius. Tracks like these remind us why we love this guy so much. His newest tune, Aural Psynapse, consists of rising progressive beats decorated with melodic sounds. Be sure to download. 

Aural Psynapse (Original Mix) - Deadmau5




 Am I really starting mashup wednesdays? Definitely not; but todays been a little slow on new house releases so here are some user submitted mashups that I liked and thought merited a post. First is a nice mashup of Alesso&Ingrosso’s Calling with vocals from John Dahlbacks “Big.” The next is a sick mashups of Mike snows famous silvia and mau5′s cthulhu sleeps. So for all you followers out their who lose countless nights of sleep begging god to put their music on bleedhouse DONT WORRY; Keep submitting and one day you’ll get the honor. Enjoy ;)

Big Calling (Vocal Edit) – (Alex Rahmani Mashup)

Silvia Sleeps (Ken Loi Mashup) - Deadmau5 vs Mike Snow 


mau5 is back

 Heard this a while back and just recently mau5 came out with the extended mix. Its good to see joel get back in the game and I hope we can see some new things from him in the future. This track is classic deadmau5; same catchy sounds as always. Next time he’s in NYC is during october and im already getting fucking pumped. Get your tickets for his upcoming tour HERE.  enjoy!

Synthetic Symphony (Deadmau5 Extended Mix) - Blendbrank



Mashups usually wont be featured on Bleedhouse but I thought this was just too good to go without a post. 5 & A Dime combines Skrillex and Deadmau5 into one banger. Go ahead try to categorize this one, don’t worry ill wait…….

*Skrillmau5 - 5 & A Dime*

Satisfaction (J.Rabbit Bootleg) - Benny Benassi - CRAZY new dubstep remix of the famous satisfaction.

Little Bad Girl (Instrumental Club Version) - David Guetta ft. Taio Cruz - New Guetta without the vocals. Still goes very hard.