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Eric Prydz – Liberate [Preview]

As the Winter Music Conference approaches, expect lots of new releases from some of our favorite DJ’s. As we anticipate the mau5trap vs PRYDA party as well as a special performance by Eric Prydz presenting “HOLO” at the Ultra Music Festival towards the end of March, Zane Lowe just previewed the masterful “Liberate” as his “Hottest Record in the World.” Forthcoming on Pryda Recordings, this beautiful melodic progressive house tune boasts the lyrics “don’t break now, the world’s locked out, just close your eyes, and we can push them all away…” as Mr. Prydz himself tweeted just today. Reminiscent of his past progressive pop hits such as “Everyday” and even the throwback “Call On Me,” this track is sure to be a staple amongst the Pryda friends and more. The track is due to be released via Beatport on March 21st, just in time for WMC/MMW.


The most sought-after party of WMC is here: mau5trap vs PRYDA [Event]

mau5trap vs PRYDA
Our mau5 ears shot straight up when we first caught wind of this elusive event just over a week ago via twitter. The mau5trap account tweeted a flyer that simply read “mau5trap vs PRYDA 03.27.14″ and left us all in a whirlwind as we were already scurrying to make a decision on what event to attend that night. Amongst all of the amazing lineups planned for that day, this one solidified the deal. The party will be held at a pop up arena at Ice Palace Studios in Downtown Miami from 10PM to 5AM, with no further details revealed, just a hint that there will be “special gue5ts.” We can only speculate that the record label head honchos deadmau5 and Eric Prydz will be in attendance. Will the current artists such as Hot Mouth, Tommy Trash, or Nom De Strip be going against Pryda friends Fehrplay and Jeremy Olander? Will they be spinning b2b? Perhaps testpilot will go back to back with Cirez D? We can’t wait to find out. Tickets for the 21+ event will go on sale Monday March 10th via Wantickets, in the meantime, peep some brand new Deadmau5 as he experiments with his techno moniker in Testpilot.


Pryda – Lycka / F.A.T. [Release]


One of the most diverse producers on the planet is here to dazzle us once more. Through his Pryda moniker, we are given two more delicious tunes from the Swede: ‘Lycka’ and ‘F.A.T.’ ‘Lycka’ translates into happiness in Swedish, and there is definitely a feel-good atmosphere established from the very beginning of this gem. In ‘F.A.T.’, Prydz uses his classic buildup mastery to only take the beat to the next level with his signature drums. Released via Pryda Recordings, head over to BeatPort to purchase the latest Eric Prydz products today.

F.A.T. (Original Mix) – Pryda

Lycka (Original Mix) – Pryda


Pryda – F.A.T. [Preview]


 As promised, dance music extraordinaire Eric Prydz has already previewed his next track “F.A.T.” under his Pryda alias. After first premiering Lycka as an exclusive for Pete Tong’s “Essential Selection” radio show just two weeks ago, he is at it again with another magically progressive tune previewed in the latest edition of EPIC radio. He is clearly hard at work in the studio, and it shows, as all of his latest Pryda teasers and releases including “Layers” have been captivatingly good. We’re looking forward to what else Mr. Prydz has got up his sleeve.


Pryda – Lycka [Preview]


The legendary swedish producer Eric Prydz is at it again via one of his many aliases. Taking a step back from his darker side as Cirez D lately, he has previewed a new progressive house track titled “Lycka” as Pryda. Meaning “happiness” in his native language, this melodic tune definitely brings us joy. Let us know what you think of this original production and stay tuned for another Pryda tune that is set to compliment “Lycka” upon release.


Pryda – Rotonda (Original Mix) [Release]


The legend that is Eric Prydz aka Pryda aka Cirez D, continues to carve and shape his statue amongst dance music enthusiasts. Ever since his imprint on the MMW, Prydz has become more relevant than ever before by getting back into the US festival circuit, most notably EDC in NY, Chicago, and just recently Las Vegas. After releasing an absolute tune in “Layers” last Monday, today Pryda fans are given another treat. If there’s one thing to love about any of Prydz’s alter-egos, its his passion to drag on and build up a beat like no other artist out there. Keep enjoying the resurgence of Mr. Prydz in the EDM game, but today please listen to and appreciate his latest product. Officially released via Pryda Recordings, this song is now available for purchase on BeatPort!

Rotonda (Original Mix) - Pryda


Cirez D – Thunderstuck / Drums In The Deep [Release]


Cirez D is officially back. After the rebirth of his acclaimed alias at WMC 2013 in Miami this past break, Eric Prydz has just released two brand new Cirez D tracks that are putting his die-hard fans in heaven. These two techno filled bombs were both premiered in his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix a few months back as well as his set at UMF 2013 and are now finally available for purchase  on BeatPort via Mouseville Records. There is no wonder why Eric Prydz is associated with legendary status as these deep kicks and drum filled melodies just go to show how talented and diverse he can truly be when operating under Cirez D. 

Drums In The Deep (Original Mix) – Cirez D

Thunderstuck (Original Mix) – Cirez D


Pryda – Power Drive (Original Mix) [Release]

The master is back at it again. Today we have a superb release from Eric Prydz via Pryda Recordings. “Power Drive” is another work of art as it gives more of a Pryda/Black Dice feel to it. The melodic progressions and energetic dark feel make this one a must have. Its good to see Eric back in the studio and we can only hope for more hits like this in the near future as he begins a new journey here in the U.S. Grab “Power Drive” on BeatPort and stay tuned for a massive summer up coming for Pryda.

Power Drive (Original Mix) - Pryda


Jeremy Olander – Let Me Feel [Release]

Jeremy-Olander-Let-Me-FeelAt just 24-years-old, Jeremy Olander already has the support from one of the most famed and talented producers in the game known as Eric Prydz. Olander was the only person to have more than one track featured on Pryda’s legendary essential mix from last month. Prydz saw something special in the young stud when he signed him to a three-release deal on his own record label, Pryda Friends, and soon enough asked him to tour with him. In this track it’s easy to see why the veteran has so much confidence in Olander. And the praise does not stop there, Above & Beyond was happy to have Olander perform a guest mix on their radio show, ABGT, just under two weeks ago. It has been an exciting month for the prodigy, and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Peep this new original on BeatPort titled “Let Me Feel” , and let us know what you think!


Eric Prydz – Essential Mix (02.02.13)


Eric Prydz has been in the game for a long time, and is a veteran when it comes to mastering his mixes and live sets. For those mainstream Pryda fans that have only been exposed to hits, such as Allein, Pjanoo, and 2night, then you have only taken but a minor step inside the genius mind that is Eric Prydz. In this essential mix on BBC Radio 1, over 80% of the tracks played are unreleased, which speaks to the distinctive approach of this music legend. He knows exactly what to drop to captivate crowds and fans and this essential mix is a testament to that. In the back end of the mix, he goes back and forth from his own tunes to those of Jeremy Olander, whom Prydz has signed to his label (Pryda Friends) and has only the highest of praises for. Enjoy this incredible essential mix and peep the track list after the break. 


Eric Prydz – EPIC Radio 007 [Release]


Coming off what was an incredible year for the legend known as Eric Prydz, we now have episode 007 of Eric’s monthly podcast that has been getting better by the month. One of my favorite tracks in this podcast is his newest remix to Jeremy Olander’s “Let Me Feel” which he previews for the first time ever on this very podcast. Let me know what you think and be sure to download EPIC Radio via iTunes


01. Williams  - The Arrival (The Departure) (Eric Prydz 2005 Private Remix)
02. Pryda – ID
03. Jeremy Olander – Let Me Feel (Eric Prydz Dub Remix)
04. Cirez D – ID
05. New Order – Blue Monday (Eric Prydz Remix) w/ Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger (Acapella)
06. Pryda – Power Drive
07. Pryda – Europa w/ Everything But The Girl – Missing (Acapella)
08. Digitalism – Circles (Eric Prydz Remix)
09. Mark Broom – Satellite (Eric Prydz Re-Edit)
10. Deetron feat. Hercules & Love Affair – Crave (Deetron cRAVE Dub)
11. Rone – Parade (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
12. Jose Gonzalez – Crosses


Eric Prydz @ Roseland Ballroom NYC (11.24) [EVENT]

After somewhat of a disappointing arrival in NYC after the mishaps at Beekman, Eric Prydz promised his dedicated NYC fans that he would be back with a bang. This Thanksgiving Eve he will make his debut at Roseland, one of the best dance venues in the city. Although the show sold out pretty quickly, Prydz quickly added on another on Saturday Nov 24th and tickets are still available. There won’t be many opportunities to ever see this legend live so be sure to grab a ticket and relish the moment.


Eric Prydz – Every Day (Incl. Fehrplay Remix) [RELEASE]

The legend known to be none other than Eric Prydz is back with his first single since his highly anticipated “Pryda” album release that came out a few months back. “Every Day” is filled with vintage Pryda melodies and sounds. This progressive gem exemplifies the greatness and attention to detail that defines Eric Prydz and all of his productions. Included is a remix from Fehrplay who gives us more of a deeper and harder progressive take on the track. Let me know which version you like better and stay tuned for the “Every Day EP” due out on November 5th which will include remixes from Andy C and We Are Mirage. 

Every Day – Eric Prydz

 Every Day (Fehrplay Remix) – Eric Prydz


Eric Prydz @ Beekman Beach Club NYC, July 28th [EVENT]

On July 28th, the legend known as Eric Prydz (Pryda, Cirez D) will be making his debut at the Beekman Beach Club in NYC. Pacha never fails to host massive parties at the venue and after getting a headliner like Prydz, there is no telling how much fun this event will be. Pryda is rarely ever in the states but has made his arrival for ID festival this summer so if you won’t be able to catch him on the 28th be sure to see him live before it is too late! Get your tickets HERE. Additionally, if you are looking for tickets for any other events please be sure to check out our new Wanticket App which can be found on the top right of our site or on our Facebook page.


Pryda – Allein (Eric Prydz) [RELEASE]

This huge anthem played by Sebastian Ingrosso on his most recent episode of “Refune Radio” is entitled Allien. This track is unlike any other house music song I have heard in a while, and really is what the dance music industry is missing these days. I don’t even have the words to describe it, but the closest I can come is calling it pure brilliance. Really loving this production by Eric Prydz aka Pryda, and it will be dropping on his album May 21st, the first entire house music album I can say I am really looking forward to. This album contains tracks that have been in the making for nearly 5 years and of all different sounds and styles, really a breath of fresh air from some of these similar drum lines and melodies we have been hearing lately. I hope this album inspires other artists to produce music of this caliber and think outside the box the next time they get in the studio because the industry really needs some variation.

Pryda – Allein (Original Mix) 

One Love 


Pryda – SW4 (Club Mix) [RELEASE]

Eric Prydz is being very patient with the tracks he puts out off of his debut album. The perfectionist known also as Cirez D and Pryda, has been working hard to give us the best possible beats and sounds and it shows in his latest release “SW4.” This track slowly builds into a massive techno beat, showing us all that Pryda is very much still on his game and then some. Be ready for a big year for Pryda as we will put up more tracks off his new album soon and be sure to get your tickets to ID Festival as Prydz is set to headline the tour. I personally cannot wait to see him live and I am sure he will not disappoint. ENJOY!!

SW4 (Club Mix) - Pryda


Eric Prydz. [THROWBACK OF THE WEEK] vol.2

If you call yourself a fan of EDM and aren’t familiar with Eric Prydz  aka “Pryda” or even as Cirez D, you have a lot of studying to do. Other than the fact that Prydz was one of the main reasons for the merging of the Swedish House Mafia, he is simply a legend. He has worked under multiple names and masterfully released tracks for the underground and mainstream scenes. You might be asking, why so many different names? Well, when anyone hears a certain name, they associate that name with a certain sound. For example, when a person hears the name Avicii, they probably think progressive/melodic house. Going under a different name allows an artist to experiment with different sounds, this way he can provide to a wider array of fans. It really just shows this talented producers under multiple persona’s. While under Pryda, the music Eric releases is more progressive. Prydz gives us a more diverse feel for the dance floors. Hope you enjoy!

Glimma – Pryda

Pjanoo – Eric Prydz (Original Mix)

Slammin’- Eric Prydz (Original Mix)


Mr. Prydz

Eric Prydz, also known under his two alias’s as Pryda and Cirez D, happens to be one of  my top five most favorite DJ’s. When this man produces a track, you never know what’s coming; he has the ability to create tracks with so many different styles, and he not only does that- he does it extremely well. It’s all too easy to lose yourself in it- whether its all about the beat in a song like “With Me”, or whether its a progressive beauty made to transcend your mind to a different level, like “2Night”. Prydz is idolized and followed by aspiring DJ’s and EMD veterans around the world. Every time I listen to a song produced by him, I am always fascinated by his ability to create something so different each and every single time. In my opinion, Eric Prydz is the type of producer that does house music justice. DJ’s like him are the reason why I am so in love with house. Download his latest track, a remix to Digitalism’s “Circles”- a song with a soothing melody and a good vibe, much like the rest of Prydz’s work. Be sure to download! 

Circles (Eric Prydz Remix) - Digitalism