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Mr.Fluff – Fearless Hearts (Jordy Dazz Remix) [RELEASE]

Revealed Recordings, a label known for their unique ability to produce the most banging electro house tracks on the market, are having quite the day… However with the release of Hardwell’s anticipated track “Apollo” it seems like a remix by his fellow label artist, Jordy Dazz off of Vicious Records has been unrightfully  shadowed. Jordy manipulates the vocals from Mr.Fluff’s original version of “Fearless Hearts” and adds an enormous amount of synth and bass. Jordy seems to prove himself time and time again with tracks such as “Fuego” and “OMG” his success in this industry is almost inevitable. 

Mr.Fluff – Fearless Hearts (Jordy Dazz Remix)

One Love 


Dannic & Jordy Dazz – Fuego (Original Mix) [RELEASE]

When the unmistakable talents of  Dannic (think “Doster” and “Tombo”) and Mr. Jordy Dazz (think “Drum Fail” and “Feel The Love” remix) come together, you can be sure that the result will be straight fire. This track is a personal favorite, one that builds up with melodic synths and an uplifting feel, but that drops with drum filled, alarm-type sounds that are absolutely made for the dance floor. If you listen carefully, the track is reminiscent of the artists’ respective styles, and it is definitely interesting to see how that comes together so perfectly within this track. When so much of what we are hearing from renowned artists sounds painfully generic and mainstream, it is so refreshing to witness these two well known artists come together to produce a nice change. Off Hardwell’s “Revealed” imprint, this track is a must download. Enjoy guys!

Dannic & Jordy Dazz – Fuego (Original Mix)



Banger Special!

These four bangers have been on repeat on my iphone for me this past week, just thought I would share them with you guys. My favorite of them all has to be Ken Loi’s remix of “Remember Me” by Breakdown, truly defines the term banger. Ken is quickly making his name in the EDM industry by putting out bootleg packs, remixes and tracks left right and center. Definitely one of the biggest up and coming artists, and one of my favorite for sure. Another big track that came off of Zedd’s “Spectrum EP” that didn’t seem to get as much attention as the other remix’s, is Congorock’s, BANGER! This track is huge and has a very different drop than were used to from Congo. And last but not least are two amazing progressive tracks the first is Jordy Dazz’s remix of Dynamo, extremely melodic and huge build up, and the second track is Matisse & Sadko’s remix of unity. 

Remember Me (Ken Loi Remix)

Spectrum (Congorock Remix)

Dynamo (Jordy Dazz Remix)

Unity (Matisse & Sadko Remix)

One Love