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Henry Fong, Audien, Knife Party @ Pacha NYC (12.29.13) [BleedHouse Event]


This coming Sunday night December 29th, our friends over at Pacha NYC are giving BleedHouse the honor to host as the deadly dub duo known as none other than Knife Party take the main stage. Opening for Rob and Gareth are the young guns in Henry Fong and Audien and our very own DJM2, Mitsko, Warren & Eman will be throwing down on the lower level. Be sure to grab your tickets asap and RSVP with us ( if you would like to get on the guest list for reduced admission. If all else fails be sure to mention BleedHouse at the door for some reduced admission as well. If you’re 18+ years of age be sure to join us on 46th St this weekend for what’s sure to be one hell of a night!


Knife Party – Haunted House (EP) [Release]


As per usual Knife Party made quite the statement during Ultra 15 with some of their newest heart-stopping  bangers. The electro duo has confirmed the release of their newest EP “Haunted House” sometime in the middle of this month, as well as the 4 tracks that will be released on it. “Power Glove” the opening track of Knife Party’s UMF 2013 set, is a signature KP track, with a lot more bass and slightly more ominous then their typical tracks. The second track on their upcoming EP is entitled “LRAD” a single you would never expect from the former Pendulum members, as the song simply doesn’t fit their production style, but nonetheless an absolute BANGER. The 3rd track is a VIP remix to their notorious “Internet Friends”, at one point it was speculated that the duo’s single “Baghdad” would be replacing it. Baghdad has yet to be officially previewed, but has been played in live sets by Knife Party, and is slightly more fast paced than their other original tracks. The same can be said for the fourth and final track on the “Haunted House” EP is called “EDM Death Machine”. It is a funky electro track with some Knife Party spunk, and a similarly humorous lyrics to that of Internet friends.

Power Glove


Internet Friends VIP

EDM Death Machine

One Love 




Knife Party – Internet Friends (Ookay’s Amazon Gold Mining Trap Remix) [Release]

artworks-000045681091-lzpw0s-originalAfter reaching an impressive 22k likes on Facebook, up and coming trap prodigy Ookay has released his “Amazon Gold Mining Trap Remix” to Knife Party’s “Internet Friends.” This gives this classic anthem a bass heavy feel and is bound to destroy any crowd that is lucky enough to have it dropped. Let me know what you think and look out for more from Ookay as he continues to put out high quality bangers via Borgore’s Buygore Records

 Internet Friends (Ookay’s Amazon Gold Mining Trap Remix) – Knife Party


Knife Party – ID [Preview]


This unreleased track is an absolute banger, coming to us from the electro house duo known as Knife Party. This track was originally debuted at their performance in Bedlam, Bournemouth in the UK. This is the first original track we have heard from the former Pendulum members in quite some time, and it is absolutely jam! Check back from more updates on the track!

One Love


Knife Party – ‘Clever Title Like Deadmau5 Would Use’ (Mixmag Mix) [RELEASE]

 Knife Party goes off on this “Clever Title Like Deadmau5 Would Use” exclusive 30 min Mixmag Mix. From tons of VIP remixes to new jams such as Alvin Risk’s remix to “Messiah” or Jewelz & Scott Sparks’ “Toxic Rush.” Unfortunately there is no download yet but enjoy this absolutely massive mix from our favorite dub duo. 

01 – Knife Party ‘Rage Valley’ (VIP)
02 – Jewelz & Scott Sparks ‘Toxic Rush’
03 – Jordy Dazz & Dannic ‘Fuego’
04 – Avicii ‘Silhouettes’ (Lazy Rich mix)
05 – Chuckie & Promise Land ft A Wilson ‘Breaking Up’ (B Brenes & T Romera mix)
06 – Swedish House Mafia ‘Save The World’ (KP mix)
07 – Rob Marmot & My Digital Enemy ‘African Drop’ (T Staar mix)
08 – The Loops Of Fury ‘Church Of Fury’
09 – Labrinth ‘Last Time’ (KP mix)
10 – Alvaro ‘Pay Attention To The Drums’
11 – Knife Party ‘Internet Friends’ (VIP)
12 – Excision ft Messinian ‘X Rated’ (Space Laces mix)
13 – MSD & Jillian Ann ‘Quiet Riot’ (Pegboard Nerds mix)
14 – ETC!ETC! & Brillz & Diplo feat Whiskey Pete ‘Bueller’ (vocal mix)
15 – Knife Party ‘Fire Hive’
16 – Monsta ‘Messiah’ (Alvin Risk mix)
17 – Knife Party ‘Centipede’
18 – Excision & Datsik ‘Deviance’ (Dirtyphonics mix)
19 – Knife Party ‘Bonfire’


Knife Party feat. Foreign Beggars – Interrupt [UNRELEASED]

By now, if there is ever any new Knife Party you all should know exactly where to look. As a big fan of the duo from Pendulum, I have been keeping up with almost every one of their productions. This time its a collabo with Foreign Beggars and although I’m not so fond of the vocals on this track it still remains as filthy as anything they have ever produced. This banger is unreleased so stay tuned for more details and let me know what you think. ENJOY!!

Interrupt (Original Mix) - Knife Party feat. Foreign Beggars



Knife Party @ Beekman Beach Club NYC (06.3.12) [REVIEW]

Never having been to the Beekman Beach Club for an event, my expectations weren’t too high. Especially after Knife Party was moved from Brooklyn for the Terminal 5 project. But after Sunday’s performance from Nick Catchdubs, Sazon Booya, Knife Party and more, it has become one of my favorite NYC venues! First Sazon Booya, the up and coming moombah duo killed it with some big floor bangers such as their remix to “Serve” and “Believe It.” As Moombahton grows, so will the popularity of this this raging duo.

As Knife Party took the stage, the crowd began to get more and more into the dub feel. Heads were banging, hands were shaking and the duo from Pendulum just killed it. Dropping old and new bangers including all of the tracks from their brand new EP “Rage Valley.” Tracks like Sleaze, Bonfire, and Rage Valley showed us how talented Rob and Gareth really are. Perhaps the greatest moment of the night was when they dropped their Internet Friends VIP mix. The last time I saw a crowd get this electric at a drop was when Knife Party dropped it back at UMF 2012!

The sky is the limit for Knife Party and their performance on Sunday night put them in elite status as producers in my eyes. If the duo is ever performing near you make sure to get yourself a ticket. I promise it will be worth every penny!!


Photo Credit: Nicky Digital

Knife Party – Rage Valley EP

Ever since the release of their 100% No Modern Talking EP, we have all been very hungry for some new tunes by the duo from Pendulum. This brand new 4 track EP is a perfect way to satisfy your Knife Party needs. Rage Valley, Centipede, Bonfire, and Sleaze are all MASSIVE bangers, and did you expect anything else from KP? The album is officially released on May 28th on BeatPort and be sure to get your tickets to Pacha’s newest production as KP is set to take on Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Terminal Project on June 3rd. Let me know what you think of the EP and enjoy!!!

Rage Valley – Knife Party

Centipede (Original Mix) – Knife Party

Bonfire – Knife Party

Sleaze (feat. MistaJam) – Knife Party


Knife Party – Centipede (Original Mix) [RELEASE]

Knife Party have made it clear that they are here to stay. The duo (formerly trio) known as Pendulum has had some real unprecedented success over the past year and it looks like they will continue to ride out their hot streak. After some great performances including Terminal 5 NYC, Pacha NYC, and UMF 2012, “Centipede” is the latest dub crazed track the duo has put out which makes us all begging for a possible EP or album from Knife Party. Lets hope we hear some news on it soon. ENJOY!!

Download: Centipede (Original Mix) – Knife Party


BONUS - I was also able to get my hands on this ID preview to some new Knife Party. Stay tuned for more info on this dirty track….


The hidden gems from Ultra Music Festival 2012

 During truly great performances, we always hear the DJ’s dropping anthems, and then some ID’s that we WISH we knew. Here are some tracks that made my jaw drop during UMF 2012, that you may not be aware of. The first is Autoerotique’s remix of “House Music.” Tiesto played this remix as his final track and the crowd just couldn’t get enough! The next is Congorock’s “Monolith.” When Benny Benassi dropped this during his set, we all literally had a eargasm. This ancient style buildup combined with the powerful banging drop has all the ingredients to an ideal song one would want to hear at Ultra. The next two are more on the dubby side as heard in Knife Party’s set. Cyclus brings the heat and Face Melt goes more electro. Let me know what you think of these gems!

House Music (Autoerotique Remix) - Benny Benassi

Monolith (Original Mix) - Congorock 

Cyclus (Original Mix) - Electrixx 

Face Melt (Original Mix) - TJR ft. Whiskey Pete


Labrinth – Last Time (Knife Party Remix) [RELEASE]

With WMC already started and Ultra around the corner people are packing their bags and getting their rave watch on to make sure that they don’t miss their favorite artists. One group of artists that you definitely should not miss out on is Knife Party, these guys bring a new meaning to EDM and have been causing chaos in the industry. With their unique mix of electro and Dubstep these guys are one of the most unique groups out their today, every one of their tracks seems to pop. So with no further or due enjoy their new remix of “Last Time” by Labrinth!

Download: Last Time (Knife Party Remix) - Labrinth

Bonus: Last Time (R3hab Mix) - Labrinth

One Love 


Last Time (Knife Party + R3hab Remixes) [PREVIEW]

Two new previews to some dope remixes of Labrinth’s “Last Time.” First, an electro dub banger from the Aussie duo Knife Party. The next is from the rising dutch star R3hab. Oddly R3hab’s remix doesn’t sound like his usual synth and production style and quite frankly I am glad. He finally tried to diversify a bit and it sounds like it was for the better. A much more progressive feel than any of R3hab’s remixes; But I still have to go with the Knife Party remix for the better of the two, they simply never fail to put out some amazing bangers. I’m convinced they will blow up right after W.M.C. next month. Beware Ultra 2012. 

Labrinth – Last Time (Knife Party Remix) [PREVIEW]

Labrinth – Last Time (R3hab Remix) [PREVIEW]


Artist Spotlight: KNIFE PARTY

After the explosion of Skrillex, the world of EDM has finally began to accept dubstep artists as legit players in the world of producing. Almost out of no were come the duo we now know as “Knife Party.” For those of you unaware, Knife Party actually consists of 2 members from Pendulum: Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are most famous for their collabo with Swedish House to the hit single “Antidote,” but I am sure that even they didn’t anticipate how big they would grow in the eyes of electro/dub fans. Their recent EP “100% No Modern Talking” was one of the most downloaded free releases of this past year including some amazing tracks such as Internet Friends, Destroy Them With Lazers,and Fire Hive. I may be going out 0n a limb here but if this duo continues to put out the quality of tracks that they have been releasing, they will be one of the top producers in their genre right next to Skrillex. What started out as a side project for Rob and Gareth could end up making them famous for a while. Here are some of my favorite Knife Party tracks that you may not have heard, and be sure to check back in with us for any new Knife Party release. ENJOY!!!

The Box (HQ Rip) - Knife Party

Unison (Knife Party Remix) - Porter Robinson

Until They Kick Us Out (Cabes Edit) - Knife Party Feat. Mista Jam


Knife Party – Internet Friends and Tourniquet

Loving the Knife Party, this awesome duo, once called Pendulum made up of the famous Rob Swire and not so famous Gareth McGrillen, have the perfect mix between electro house and dubstep. Every song this duo has recently touched has been dope, so I wasnt surprised when I saw the video for their new EP. Today they are giving away their new bangers, and so are we…. “Internet Friends” which is a funky, crazy vocal banger that smacks you in the face with bass and Tourniquet a loud synthy, daft punk like vibe that will make you put this song on repeat and listen to it till you go deaf! enjoy!

Internet Friends


One Love

One Love


wednesday hits

Edge Of The Earth (Tommy Trash Remix) - amazing buildup and amazing drop. Tommy Trash is really starting to make his mark on the electro house scene.

Crush On You (Knife Party Remix) – Nero - wait till the drop 50 seconds in. BOOM. DUBBBB.

Loud Noises (Original Mix) – Albin Myers - second single off his record label. Electro? House? This ones got it all. The catchy synths make this one a great track from Albin

We Are Boys (Original Mix) - Style Of Eye - from alesso’s refune records, starts with drums and hits you with great synths and drops.



Amazing new track coming from Skrillex and Knife Party. For those who are unfamiliar; knife party came out with a banging remix to Save the World and now they are teaming up with the biggest upcoming name in dub. ENJOY!

Zoology - Knife Party feat. Skrillex (PREVIEW)


Save The World

I don’t even think Swedish House knew how many remixes would be released to there new single “Save the World.” I personally love the chillness vocals and feel good vibe from the song and here are the top remixes out there for it. My personal favorites include Knife Party’s, Third Party’s and Alesso’s. Let me know what yours are. Enjoy!! -Jonka

Save the World (Original Mix) – Swedish House Mafia

Save the World (Knife Party Remix) – Swedish House Mafia

Save the World (Alesso Remix) – Swedish House Mafia

Save the World (Third Party Remix) – Swedish House Mafia

Save The World (Style of Eye & Carli Remix) – Swedish House Mafia

Save The World (Sex Ray Vision Remix) – Swedish House Mafia